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Designing home interiors can be challenging if you don’t have the right plan. Right Planning and research will take you a long way in this process. When designing or changing the house interior, everyone becomes an artist on their own. It is when you can flash your creativity and potential and unleash your inner artist. After all, it’s your house. Some people are god gifted in design; some create a hundred Pinterest boards before making any non-virtual change. Interior design is a challenging process. But here are some tips and tricks for the best house interior design ideas you can make a reality.

  1. Colorful is the new trend:
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It is a well-known fact that colors make us feel positive. One can see cheerful hues dominating the home interior design. It could be anything yellow or bright cherry accent wall, bright floral sofa upholstery, or impressive artwork that will break or make the monotony of the required space or area. Color combinations like yellow and gray and shades of blue and purple are also trending in a big way. Yellow and green are energizing and uplifting colors that appeal to homeowners when dressing up their homes in a post-pandemic world. Also, we will see gray and blue in home décor, as these colors inject the much-needed comforting, balancing, and calming vibe to the décor.

2. Go Natural:

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Everyone likes to nurture a kitchen garden on their balcony or terrace to add freshness to the home. Including indoor plants in corners or table tops will increase the aura of the room or space. Vegetable gardens are trending, so one would see Tulsi, curry leaves, mint, aloe vera, etc. Be it indoor plants or a vertical garden, green plants are known for their many benefits that will significantly impact the interior décor. There would be a rise in preference for space at home for farming food through techniques such as hydroponics and the making of compost at home for urban farming.

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3. Try Accent Furniture:

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Accent furniture refers to a décor setting that stands out by adding character to a room while complementing the present general décor. It is not generally chosen for its functionality. Instead, its role is primarily decorative, adding color, definition, texture, and drama to the room. In comparison, chairs and tables are often used as accent furniture, including armor, TV stands, couches, dressers, bar carts, and more.

4. Comfort over Aesthetic Furniture:

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Nowadays, everyone is required to meet multiple needs, such as entertainment, work, and exercise, prioritizing comfort over aesthetic décor. Places that reinforce opportunities to prioritize self-care are more important now. Like our spaces, everyone wants the furniture to be more flexible and multi-purpose. Aesthetic rooms are designed by the presence of greenery (plants or hanging vines, both natural or faux); muted colors (neutrals or pinks).

5.Go Green: 

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Nowadays, it is all about durable fabrics, comfy upholstery, and versatile furniture pieces. The use of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials like wood, bamboo, and jute for furnishing homes is the new home décor trend. Natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, or bamboo, living green become the mantra. Plants freshen indoor air and bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, and people are taking this activity as grounding and life-affirming. Also, developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels- aesthetic, functional, also mental. People are opting for water features at home to connect with nature and enhance calming aesthetics. This could be a portable fountain at home, a small lotus or lily pond on the balcony, or even on the terrace.

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6. Light it Up:

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Other than natural light, creative lighting is sure to dominate homes in a big way. A flexible lighting setup can brighten any décor. Advancements in lighting controls and fixtures offer energy efficiency. Appliances like LEDs, flexible fixtures, portable lamps, and automated controls via mobile applications in homes allow better adjustments.

7. Wellness Décor Settings: 

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The pandemic has made people realize that the home is the sanctuary, and we must focus on well-being. The main aim would be to create a soothing aura through sound-proof windows, fountains, and also with fragrant candles. So, there will be a rise in yoga and meditation areas, home gyms, playrooms, restful hobby corners, and spa-style bathrooms with rainfall Jacuzzi hot tubs or jet spray systems. Uncluttered and clean open space, less distraction to the eye, minimal sleek furniture, and stylish storage is more popular now.

8. Bold Wallpaper Design Look:

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Wallpaper is no longer just around the perimeter of a room where the ceiling meets the wall. Wallpaper may frame a window or even a door also. They can serve as chair rails, and some people decorate their baseboards with them. One reason Wallpaper designs are still popular is that consumers want to be involved in creating a home’s personality.

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