Decorating with Birds for the Holiday Season

A Christmas tree adorned with peacock feathers in blue and gold, for those who enjoy decorating with birds during the holiday season.

We all know about the partridge in the pear tree, the Christmas goose and the hopeful white dove.  This Christmas season, why not explore a few other birds for your holiday decorating?  The colorful and flamboyant peacock, the wise owl or the vibrant red cardinal all bring a touch of nature’s beauty to the holiday home.

Decorating Christmas stockings on a fireplace mantel.

A Christmas tree decorated with blue and green presents.
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Peacock feathers and Christmas ornaments in a bowl, perfect for decorating with birds during the holiday season.

The appeal of the peacock is its beautiful plumage of shimmering blues and greens.  These colors and the general theme of the peacock have become a large part of Christmas decorating.  These exotic creatures add glamor and a distinct color combination.  Peacock feathers and brightly colored ornaments look regal on the tree, mantle and in glass bowls or centerpieces.

A holiday-themed living room with a Christmas tree decorated with birds.
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Owls and pine cones on a mantle for holiday decorating.
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Three owls sitting in the snow next to a pine tree, adding holiday cheer with birds.

The wise and noble owl is finding its way into the home at the holidays in the form of ornaments and decorations.  If you love nature and enjoy decorating your home in a more nature-inspired theme, owls can add a touch of whimsy and beauty to the tree, spreads of greenery, or in groups on the mantle and tables throughout the home.

A red cardinal perched in a wicker basket, perfect for decorating with birds this holiday season.
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A festive living room with a Christmas tree and chairs.

Three red cardinals perched on a pine branch, perfect for decorating with birds during the holiday season.
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The red cardinal has fit into holiday décor for many years, blending into the red and green of traditional Christmas decorations.  The cardinal became such a symbol at Christmas because of the male’s bright red color.  More significantly, it is believed that hanging a cardinal on your Christmas tree is a symbol of hope and brings luck to you and your family for the coming year.

Decorating with Peacock Feathers for the Holiday Season.
Photo, Southern Living
Four festive glass candle holders adorned with birds, placed on a table in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
Photo Brylane Home
Two festive owls perched on a log, ready for holiday decorating.
Photo, Pottery Barn

Bestow your home with the elegance of the peacock, the vibrant hopeful red of the cardinal or the natural nobility of the wise owl.  These birds add a distinct element to your holiday décor.  Whether you choose the peacock for colorful elegance, the red cardinal for traditional holiday themes or the more natural woodsy style of the owl, adding birds to your holiday décor is sure to infuse your home with good cheer.

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