The Versatile and Stylish Settee

A living room with a sunburst mirror and orange pillows showcases the versatility and style of the settee.

The settee originated in the 17th century, evolving from the armchair.  It was considered social seating because it allowed two people to sit together.  Now the use of the settee ranges from group seating at the dining table and kitchen to an alternative to sofas in small spaces and in cozy nooks for reading or entertaining.

A living room with versatile and stylish purple chairs.
An abstract painting hangs above a settee in a living room.
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The settee is smaller than the sofa and generally seats two comfortably.  Most styles feature a higher back than the sofa, making the settee a cozy seating option.  The settee is the perfect size for an intimate seating group in the living room, an alternative to individual chairs at the dining table, in a bedroom retreat, or a cozy reading nook.

A living room with brown furniture and framed pictures featuring the versatile and stylish settee.

A living room with a black couch and coffee table, showcasing the versatile and stylish settee.

In the living room, the settee can take the place of a large sofa if space is limited.  It is also ideal for an arrangement around the fireplace in larger spaces.  If you entertain often and have the space, arranging settees in several seating groups creates comfortable conversation areas for guests.

A dining room with green walls and a table and chairs featuring the Versatile and Stylish Settee.
A living room with a table, chairs, and a versatile settee.
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In the dining room or kitchen nook, placing a settee on one side of the table opens up the seating and brings added style.  A settee in the dining space can encourage conversation and serve as a room divider in a home with an open concept.  Depending on the style of the settee, the dining area can take on a more casual or elegant flair.

Versatile couch
A living room with stylish bookshelves.

Create a cozy reading nook with a settee arranged by the window or a set of bookshelves.  Add a side table for a spot to rest a drink and book.  Make a settee the centerpiece to a grouping of bookshelves.  Install wall sconces on the shelves for task lighting.

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A living room with a white couch and a chandelier, showcasing the stylish settee.
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A living room with black cabinets and a white couch featuring a versatile settee.

The stylish and versatile settee can be a space-saving solution, a creative use of space in larger rooms, and add panache to dining areas and bedrooms.  Whatever style you choose, the settee can be a prominent piece in your home decorating arsenal.



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