Travel to Tuscany from Your Backyard

Travel to Tuscany from Your Backyard with Mediterranean patio design ideas

Set the scene for large backyard gatherings of family and friends with Tuscan-inspired outdoor living spaces.  Channel the Italian countryside as you sit fireside and travel to Tuscany from your backyard.  Imagine relaxing in a backyard that takes you away to a place of beauty and romance.  Let your cares diminish and your laughter echo as you entertain friends and family in a Tuscan-inspired backyard.

An outdoor dining table with wicker chairs and a view of the mountains - Travel to Tuscany from Your Backyard.
Tuscan al fresco dining (arthomedesignideas)

Stone and an open fire combine to complement this Mediterranean style home.  Use stone walls and pavers in your backyard to conjure the feel of Tuscan terraces.  Relaxing chairs surround the fire for nighttime conversation.

A stone patio with a fire pit, bringing Tuscany to your backyard.
Tuscan outdoor living (Houzz)

Terracotta tiles pave the way for la dolce vita in your backyard paradise.  Surrounding the patio with gravel and accenting with pots of flowers and herbs anchors the area and provides a beautiful flowing design.

A Tuscan-inspired home with a pool and patio at dusk.
Tuscan outdoor living (pamelasandalldesign)

A water feature enhances the Tuscan-style outdoor living area, giving it a touch of old-world charm.  Place various seating areas around the fountain for impromptu gatherings.

Travel to Tuscany with a stone patio.
Tuscan outdoor living (doplist.blogspot)

Climbing vines, table sets with umbrellas, a hot tub and swimming pool make the Tuscan-inspired backyard an appealing retreat.

A backyard oasis with a pool and patio furniture for a Tuscany-inspired staycation.
Tuscan outdoor living (ideasforslope.blogspot)

Create an intimate dining spot with table and chairs underneath an iron chandelier.  Give brick old-world charm with a creative stucco application.

A wooden deck with a table and chairs that transports you to Tuscany from your backyard.
Tuscan outdoor dining (HGTV)

Arches covered in blooming vines, iron pendant lights and cozy seating give this outdoor living area a Tuscan aesthetic.

An arched doorway reminiscent of Tuscany.
Tuscan outdoor dining (designrulz)

Envision the mountains and countryside of Tuscany as you relax under a pergola on the back patio.  A long table and an abundance of candlelight create the perfect ambiance for a little al fresco dining Tuscany style.

An outdoor dining area in Tuscany, perfect for experiencing the taste of Italy right in your own backyard.
Tuscan outdoor dining (magazine.luxuryrenters)

Fresh air dining is enjoyed in style with sheer white curtains blowing in the breeze and white tablecloths draping the table.

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A table with chairs and a Tuscany-inspired tablecloth.
Tuscan outdoor dining (designrulz)

The view is spectacular from this terrace underneath an arbor of vines.  Notice the terracotta pots that surround the area, adding interest and a pleasing shape to the space.

A patio with chairs and a view of the mountains, bringing the feeling of Tuscany to your backyard.
Tuscan outdoor dining (ghoofie)

Well-manicured shrubbery accents this Tuscan-inspired patio.  A fountain adds a water feature and the table provides space for friendly gatherings.  Terracotta pots with bright red geraniums accent the space.

Travel to Tuscany from Your Backyard with an outdoor dining area featuring a table and chairs.
Tuscan outdoor dining (interiordesign2014)

A rustic and charming space for al fresco dining exudes freshness.  Cloth chair covers give cohesion and offer a solution to unattractive but necessary functional seating.

An outdoor dining area with a table and chairs, where you can travel to Tuscany from your backyard.
Tuscan style al fresco dining (Architectural Digest)

Include brightly colored pottery and urns in your Tuscan-inspired outdoor space to add color and character.

A group of red vases on a wooden bench, bringing a touch of Tuscany to your backyard.
Outdoor pottery for Tuscan style patio (indeeddecor)
Travel to Tuscany with a chandelier.
Tuscan style outdoor room (indeeddecor)

Creating a space that is relaxing, beautiful and just right for entertaining is at the heart of Tuscan outdoor living.  Enjoy your very own Tuscan getaway right in your backyard.


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