Benefits Of Having A Wooden Greenhouse In Your Garden

A garden shed with flowers, benefits of having a wooden greenhouse in your garden.

Have you recently discovered your love for gardening during your extended stay? Or have you been interested in gardening but don’t know where to start? Do you want to expand your plant collection and add more delicate and exotic plants?

If you’re new to gardening, planting flowers in pots and patches of land may be enough in the beginning. However, you’ll soon realize that this is really not the best move if you decide to start gardening in your backyard. 

For your plants to thrive in its optimum potential, it needs a home that’ll nurture it. Planting it outside may interfere with your yard’s landscape or, worse, it may not survive. As a solution for this, it’s best that you get a wooden greenhouse.

For those who are just starting to get into gardening, sometimes a 4×6 greenhouse is best suited in your yard–it’s not too big so maintaining it will not be too difficult. If you’re handy around tools and carpentry, you can also make it yourself–just buy the necessary materials and slowly build it.

If you don’t think you have the skills necessary to build your own greenhouse, you can also opt to buy one instead. You can browse for a wooden greenhouse that would suit your needs and preferred style and size.

These days, there are many types of greenhouse that you can buy or build for your backyard. However, sticking to a wooden greenhouse would be a better idea. 

A man in an apron holding a box of vegetables in a wooden greenhouse.

Here are some reasons you should consider building one:

Wood is better at maintaining heat

 Wooden greenhouses are better at trapping heat inside to keep your plants in better health. Thus, if you don’t want to spend too much on the heating maintenance of your greenhouse, choose something that’s made out of wood.

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It’s more pleasing to the eyes

Wooden greenhouses are always a better choice because of their traditional look and pleasant appearance. 

You can also easily repaint it when the season has changed. If you want to make it bigger, you can also do this because wood can easily be sourced. You can call a carpenter and have them extend it or you can do it yourself, too.

Benefits of Having A Wooden Greenhouse

If you’re still wondering if a wooden greenhouse is really needed for your gardening past time, here are some of the benefits that you’ll get from getting a greenhouse:

1. Protection from Pests and Weather 

One of the reasons why delicate plants don’t thrive in your yard is because these types of plants are sensitive to the changes in weather and the presence of pests. When you just put them out, they’re exposed to the harsh environment. 

The fast-changing weather may cause the plants to wilt and pests may damage their leaves or flowers. The damage may become irreparable so you must prevent this from happening to your plants at all costs.

If you place your plants inside the wooden greenhouse, you can keep it safe from the weather and keep the pests away. Your delicate plants will thrive better inside the greenhouse and, in no time, you’ll see it bloom beautifully.

2. More Variety to Plant in Your Garden 

There are some types of plants that need to grow in a specific season. These seasonal plants are often the reason why your choices of vegetables or plants are limited. With a greenhouse in your yard, you can extend planting your seasonal plants. You may also plant them earlier and just keep them in the greenhouse.

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This way, you’ll have more choices of vegetables to plant. Or, you can use your greenhouse as a nursery and replant it in your garden when the season is right for the plant. That way, you’ll always be ahead of the others and have a mature plant in its optimal season.

3. Better Growing Environment For Your Plants 

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to protect your plants from pests and the ever-changing weather that can cause irreversible damage to your plants. More than that, having a wooden greenhouse will allow your plants to grow better compared to planting them outside.

Your plants can get a better growing environment inside the greenhouse because you can control the temperature. If you like growing your own herbs and spices, then a wooden greenhouse will be a good investment. You can grow as many herbs and spices as you want because the greenhouse will provide them the ideal temperature–warm and humid. 

This also includes beautiful tropical flowers. You can grow them in the greenhouse and let them out in the late spring or in the summer.

No Landscaping Problems

Landscaping in your yard can be very expensive. And, if you already had your landscape, then you know that randomly adding plants in your yard can ruin the design and visual presentation of your yard. Thus, if you like a plant, you might think twice before planting it because you have to consider if it’ll seamlessly blend with the design of your yard. 

However, if you have a greenhouse, you can put all the plants you love there and not worry about your landscaping. You get as many plants, herbs, and flowers, allowing you to cultivate them so they can grow; and your yard will still look as pristine as it was.

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A wooden greenhouse can also serve as your shed, especially if it’s big and spacious enough. You can put all your gardening tools there and even your lawnmower or blower. 

Since it’s an enclosed space, you won’t have to worry about it being stolen, too. 


Gardening is a good hobby to practice, especially these days when people are mostly stuck at home or have limited movement due to the pandemic. Gardening is also said to relieve stress so that’s another reason to try it.

When you do try your hand at gardening, make sure that you have a wooden greenhouse. It has a lot of benefits and it’ll help you make sure that your plants grow strong and healthy. It also allows you to grow beautiful and delicate plants even if they aren’t from your locale.

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