My DIY New Year’s Resolutions for 2018


My DIY New Year’s resolutions are simple yet complicated. Because I love DIY projects, they’re fun to tackle. But for some reason, I always put off those bigger projects.

I’ve been in my home for almost 4 years. The original owners built it in 1965, and they never updated it. What was state of the art at the time is now just outdated.

To be fair, we have completed many projects that have improved the property. In fact, we’ve added crown molding to our living room, chair rail to our dining room, built raised bed gardens and added a screened-in porch.

Yet, we avoid some of the easier jobs that would have more impact. Here are my DIY New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and some images that inspire me as I decide on my next style move!


The original owners built solid heart pine cabinets. They are strong and sturdy. In fact, they’d be so costly to replace I can’t even fathom ripping them out. Instead, I will resolve to paint the kitchen cabinets, restore the hardware, and give my outdated “piney” kitchen a much-needed facelift. Indeed, it will also add value to the home.

I’m debating between a classic bright white or a fun trend color.

Decorating small bathrooms big time
DIY New Year's Resolutions
Of course, white kitchen cabinets are a safe and neutral choice. | Photo: Pinterest
diy new year's resolutions
Because red’s my favorite color, I may select red paint. | Photo: Pinterest


Because I love to garden, I’ve spent my time and energy fixing up my backyard. It’s time to turn attention to my front door. Quite frankly, it’s rather boring.

A welcoming front door
A welcoming front door will be more inviting to visitors. Do you see my love for red? | Photo: Between Naps On The Porch
Rocking chairs on the front porch
I will also find some rocking chairs to restore and add to the porch. | Photo: CVHS BREA


The prior owners painted my bedroom a medium, drab brown. It’s depressing. Literally, I am so depressed by the color that I don’t even want to spend time in there painting! I am putting this off no longer. By the end of 2018, the room will have a makeover.

Do I paint the walls an airy white with pops of my restful blue? | Photo: Bedroom Design Catalog
On the other hand, do I choose a luxurious looking purple? | Photo: Pinterest
On the other hand, do I choose a luxurious looking purple? | Photo: Pinterest


Apparently, pink was a favorite bathroom color choice in 1965. The homeowners loved pink and it shows! The bathroom fixtures are all original…and pink. This includes the tub, commode, and sink. The floor tiles? Pink. The walls? Painted pink.

I love pink as much as the next gal, but this beats all!

While it’s not in the budget to replace all those fixtures right now, I will resolve to de-pinkify the walls, re-paint the dingy old cabinets, and buy an updated mirror.

In my defense, I did rip out the old, mildewed sliding shower doors with the geese stamped in them and replace it with a contemporary grey shower curtain.


paint bathroom cabinetry
Indeed, grey bathroom cabinets will help cool down the pink tones. | Photo: Angie’s List
Towel storage with baskets in the bathroom
Towel storage with baskets in the bathroom can de-clutter the space to make it more pleasant. | Photo: Her Beauty


Here’s the project that I’m most excited about. Recently, I noticed a corner of my bedroom closet carpet was pulling up. As I got on my knees to try to tack it down, I surprised myself! I realized that I have gorgeous oak floors under all the carpet!

Kitchen Islands – Centerpiece of the Kitchen

In fact, my neighbors (who knew the original owners very well) told me that the lady of the house loved her oak floors and was afraid they’d get scratched. So she put down carpet just after moving in. This means that I have unscratched oak flooring underneath!

It looks like I will soon take on my first hardwood floor refinishing DIY project! I can’t believe it.

Wood floors and ceiling
Who knew I had oak flooring under the carpet? Not I! |Photo: Novo Oakley
Everything within sight the open floor plan
Because of the savings over replacing, I can budget to take on my flooring project very soon! Photo: Dales Remodeling

In conclusion, I will have a very busy 2018. My DIY projects are laid out in front of me. Of course, please leave comments with advice or thoughts on any of these projects!



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