The Modern Office Cubicle Makes a Statement

A modern office cubicle with people sitting at desks in a glass enclosure.

When you think of an office cubicle, what most likely comes to mind is images of row after row of fabric-covered panels.  Many offices today are breaking away from these dull and uninspiring cubicles to create more innovative spaces.  The modern office cubicle embraces open space and employee interaction, while looking stylish.  Separate cubicles throughout the office are available for work that needs to be conducted undisturbed.

A modern office with orange chairs.
A modern office cubicle (bathroomideaz)
A modern office cubicle arrangement resembling the shape of the letter f.
Unique office cubicle design by Benoit Challand (timefordeco)
A group of colorful modern desks in an office.
Modern office cubicles (

Open floor plans in offices allow for a more spread out area for employees.  Long, flowing tables with individual work spaces weave throughout an open office.  Employee don’t feel closed in by tight quarters.

A person is standing at a modern office.
A flowing office cubicle layout (Pons & Hout work space,
A group of people working in a modern office.
Open office cubicle space (capstonerealty.wordpress)
A group of people are sitting at modern office cubicles.
Modern office cubicle (geekpreneur)

If privacy is necessary for the job, there are cubicles that provide just that.  These creative designs can resemble anything from restaurant booths to pods and bubbles.  Some companies get even more creative with cubicles and construct truly unique spaces in which employees can work undisturbed.

A modern office with people sitting at desks.
Booths provide privacy for work (commericalflooringsolutions)
A modern office with a blue chair.
An office pod by EDG Creatives (hometrendesign
A room with a bunch of colorful egg-shaped furniture in a modern office cubicle.
Google office space (decoist)
Glass domes in a modern building with trees and plants.
Innovative office cubicle design at Pons & Hout offices designed by P. Pottgiesser
Swiss gondolas in the lobby of a modern hotel.
Office cubicle at Google (decoist)

Cubicles are constructed of recycled and repurposed materials.  Desk areas and platforms are built from pallets.  Modular cubicles resemble natural occurring enclosures.  Cars are repurposed as desks and cubicle areas.

A modern office with wooden floors and a skylight.
Pallet platform office cubicles at BrandBase, Amsterdam (decoist)
A man sits at a modern office cubicle in a cave.
A natural environment for office cubicle (fionayim.tumblr)
A blue vw bus sits in a modern office cubicle.
Unique office cubicle (Pinterest)

Cubicle layouts in the modern office are designed to achieve optimum levels of interaction between employees.  Circular plans or designs that have a functional flow encourage exchanging of ideas.  Some modern office cubicle layouts are designed to provide an atmosphere that is almost home-like.

A modern group of people are sitting in an office cubicle.
Office cubicles that encourage employee interaction (Pinterest)
A modern office with a circular desk and chairs.
Circular office cubicle design (Pinterest)
A modern office with several desks.
A home-like office cubicle (dickoatts)

Employees are able to personalize their space to make them feel more comfortable, thus making the employee more productive.  Comfortable seating of their choice and creative decorating of the cubicle allows the individual to shine.

Decorating with Birds for the Holiday Season
A modern woman's cubicle with a hammock hanging from the ceiling.
A personalized office cubicle space (theberry)
A modern office with zebra print curtains and a zebra print rug.
A glamorous office cubicle (homeofficedesignfurniture.blogspot)
A modern office cubicle featuring a desk with a plant.
A stylish personalized office space (

The modern office cubicle is designed to encourage creativity, freedom of thought and the exchange of ideas.  It has come a long way from the staid blocky partition.  This type of office environment fosters employee personal growth as well as heightened productivity.  The modern office cubicle makes a statement.


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