Add Some High Gloss Drama to Your Interiors

Blue gloss paint highlights this living area

This spring, brighten up your interiors with high gloss.  Lacquered furniture, glossy painted walls and ceilings and shimmering accessories are in the forefront for this year’s interiors.  Here are a few ways to turn up the gloss quotient in your home.

Drama and sophistication in this high gloss interior
Drama and sophistication in this high-gloss interior (home-designing)
High gloss walls add elegance to this room
High gloss walls add elegance to this room (designindulgence)
Glossy accents brighten up a display
Glossy accents brighten up a display (stellarinteriordesign)

Gloss adds drama to your interiors.  You can incorporate this sophisticated look into your rooms by installing glossy hardwoods, concrete or marble flooring.  If you’ve wanted to experiment with painting your hardwood floors, apply a gloss coat on top.

Dark gloss paint wakes up this wood flooring
Dark blue glossy paint wakes up this wood flooring (Pinterest)
High gloss finish on concrete flooring
A high gloss finish on concrete floors brightens this kitchen (inspiringinteriorsideas)
Sophisticated and sleek design
Sophisticated and sleek interior (home-designing)

Painting a room with high gloss paint turns it into a jewel box that glows.  Wake up dark rooms with gloss.  Apply shimmering paint to the ceiling for an elegant look.  Accent this bold room with beautiful lighting fixtures that cast the room in a dramatic glow.

Bright green gloss paint enlivens room
Bright green gloss paint enlivens this space (guatacrazynight)
A gleaming gloss ceiling and walls accented with chandelier
The gloss ceiling and walls gleam with light fixture (cocozy)
Teal gloss walls
White molding and ceiling accent the teal gloss walls (Pinterest)

Lacquered furniture in itself is a beautiful addition to any room.  To brighten up a room with an unexpected element, paint a chest in bright glossy color.  Woods with a high sheen look sleek and sophisticated.

Lacquered chest gleams
Lacquered furniture gleams (Pinterest)
High gloss finish shows off wood grain
High gloss shows off wood grain (blog.lafurniturestore)
A beautiful glow on dining room table
A beautiful glow on this dining room table (simonedesignblog)

High-gloss lacquered cabinets and glimmering countertops in marble and granite add sheen and chic style to the kitchen.  Ignite your kitchen with bold colors on cabinets or go for sleek sophistication and moderation with white, gray or natural wood polished to a high gloss.

Fresh green gloss kitchen cabinets
Fresh green gloss cabinetry (vangviet)
Sunny yellow high gloss cabinetry
A sunny yellow kitchen gleams with high gloss cabinetry (designoffurniture)
Sleek and sophisticated high gloss kitchen
Sleek and sophisticated high gloss kitchen (ransom)
Gloss wood finish in kitchen
Gloss wood finish (snaidero.usa)

The bathroom is a great place to bring in some gloss.  Luxurious marble floors and tile, along with glimmering wood cabinetry, turn this space aglow.  Accented with glass shower enclosures, the bathroom is transformed to an elegant escape.

High gloss marble bathroom flooring
High gloss marble flooring adds elegance to the bath (home-designing)

To add drama and sleek sophistication to your interiors, simply gloss it up.  Use lacquered furniture and accessories, paint the walls and ceiling with gloss paint and consider hardwood, marble or cement flooring.  For added touches of glamour and to enhance the glow, install statement lighting fixtures.  High gloss brings high style and drama to your interiors.


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