Add a Touch of the Tropics to Your Home for Summer

A room with tropical wallpaper and a wicker chair.

A strong trend this summer is the leafy green lushness of tropical prints.  Add a touch of the tropics to your home for summer with beautiful wallpaper prints.  There are numerous creative ways to use these prints in your rooms, from accent walls to covering the entire space.  Let’s explore some of the ways to add color, pattern and freshness to your rooms this summer with tropical wall coverings.

A tropical bedroom with blue and green wallpaper.
Rich tropical wallpaper enhances this bedroom (

If you don’t want to cover an entire large room with the vibrant print of tropical leaves, try it out in a powder room.  A smaller space is the perfect place to start when considering bringing this lively pattern to your home.  Papering the upper portion and using a chair rail to border the walls of the powder room is a lively but distinguished look.

A tropical bathroom with a green and white wallpaper.
A splash of the tropics in the bathroom (Pinterest)
A tropical bathroom with a sink and a mirror.
Beautiful tropical bathroom (decoist)

Highlighting just one wall or section of wall with a pattern of the tropics gives the room a lively summery boost.  Wallpaper or panels can be installed for this look.  Add splashes of contrasting color for a fresh and vibrant summer room.

A living room with a tropical green and orange couch and a chevron wall.
Tropical accent wall (Houzz)

An accent wall of colorful tropical leaves enhances this bedroom, making a statement focal point.

A woman is running past a bed in a tropical bedroom.
A beautiful colorful panel for the bedroom (homedit)

Go bold with a large print wallpaper of tropical leaves.  A black background is an ideal contrast to this green split leaf philodendron print.  The green leather tufted sofa is a bold centerpiece to this room.

A living room with tropical vibes, featuring a green couch and green leaves on the wall.
Vivid green leaves give a tropical vibe (blogher)

An all-over leaf print wallpaper is balanced and structured with the addition of painted moldings and strong lines throughout the space.  When covering a room with a bold print such as this, provide relief to the eye with solid colors and use white or black in the space.

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A dining room with tropical green wallpaper.
A home with an air of the tropics (Houzz)
A living room with tropical green and white wallpaper.
Tropical walls (theaceofspaceblog)

Play with mixing patterns of wallpaper and fabric for a completely eclectic look.  Add bright accents to the room to break up the pattern and color.  A white ceiling and trim keeps the room from being overpowered, as does the wood flooring.

A living room with tropical wallpaper and zebra print furniture inspired by the tropics.
Bright and summery room of the tropics (melissabxoxo.blogspot)

Bright tropical flowers and animal prints are excellent accents for the large green leaf pattern of this wallpaper.

A tropical-inspired desk with a zebra print on it.
A tropical vibe enriches this space (

Include accents of black to ground the space and neutralize the color.  Black adds a note of sophistication to the tropical scheme.

A living room with green leaves on the wall, invoking tropics vibes.
Brighten a room with tropical leaf wallpaper (
A tropical room with a black and white checkered floor.
Tropical wallpaper with refined finishes (thefindsblog)

Rustic furnishings and finishes balance a more muted green tropical leaf pattern with a black background.

A room with tropical wallpaper.
Beautiful tropical wallpaper (Pinterest)

The bedroom becomes a tropical oasis with the addition of wallpaper.  The green border on the bedspread and window panels balance the room nicely.  The gold geometric lamps with yellow-green shades are the perfect accent for this space.

A tropics-inspired bedroom with green and white wallpaper.
Freshen up a bedroom with tropical touches (Houzz)

A darker, more muted color scheme of tropical wallpaper infuses this room with just the right combination of cool and relaxing.  Gray bedding and the honey wood tone of the nightstand provide a neutral balance for the space.

A bed in a tropical room.
Tropical wallpaper enhances a bedroom (

For a little something different in the tropical realm, a spirited mural sets the tone for the casual space.

A room with a tropical wall mural.
A tropical vibe brings life to this space (aliexpress)

Add a painterly effect with this beautiful wallpaper in softer colors.  The chaise lounge picks up the salmon pink and gives the room a cohesive look.

A living room with a tropical mural on the wall.
Colorful tropical wallpaper freshens this space (

A tropical jungle enhances this bedroom, giving it quite the novelty appeal.

A tropical-themed bed in a room with a mural.
Immerse yourself in the jungle with wallpaper (aliexpress)

Select a different color palette of tropical wallpapers for a look that is outside of the traditional.  Furnish the room with neutrals or pull out the colors of the wallpaper for a more vibrant approach.

A living room with a tropical wall mural showcasing the tropics.
Vibrant tropical print wakes up this room (blogher)
A living room with a vibrant tropical wall mural.
Variety of colors in this tropical print wallpaper (adorable-home)

Add character and brilliance to your walls with tropical prints that exhibit wildlife and have a variety of background colors.

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A tropical wallpaper with a chair.
Beautiful tropical print (adorable-home)

Try a wallpaper with an undulating pattern of multi-colored leaves for a summer appeal.  This would be a great choice for the powder room or bedroom.

A tropics-inspired wallpaper featuring a chair in a room.
A little something different for the tropical vibe (poppytalk)

Bold and artistic, this tropical leaf pattern gives a room definite appeal and character.  Imagine this print on a wall in the dining room.

A painting of tropical leaves on a white background in the tropics.
Beautiful tropical leaf print (

Give your home a tropical flair for the summer with wallpaper or panels.  Experiment with the variety of colors, shapes and patterns available and create your own oasis of leafy lushness.


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