Red, White and Blue Interior Design

A white living room with a red American flag on the wall.

Red, white and blue.  This color combination works in any room and is a twist on the traditional blue and white interior.  Now that the fireworks are over, perhaps you are inspired to make these colors a permanent fixture in your home.  Here are ideas on how to incorporate red, white and blue into your interiors.

A living room with white and blue furniture.
Red, white and blue interior is a classic (homeportfolio)

In the Bedroom

Red, white and blue is a suitable color scheme for a sophisticated master bedroom or a child’s room.  Make a more grown-up bedroom by keeping bedding tailored and furnishings simple.  Use blue or white as the dominant color and use red as an accent.

A bedroom with white and blue walls and a red rug.
A striking red, white and blue bedroom (Pinterest)

This child’s bedroom is lively and joyful.  Stripes and bursts of red keep it fresh.  White furniture balances the room.  White window panels and bedding with red and blue trim give the room a tailored look.

A red, white, and blue bedroom with an american flag on the wall.
The perfect children’s bedroom (materialgirlsblog)
A bedroom with blue walls and a white bed.
Just a touch of red can uplift a blue and white color scheme (decoist)
A bedroom with white and blue walls and red accents.
Blue is the dominant color, while red and white accent (

Keeping it Modern

Give this classic color scheme a modern update for more contemporary interiors.  With white furnishings, mix patterns of blue and white and use red as an accent.  The red rug in this room anchors and balances the space.

A living room with white and blue curtains and a red rug.
A vibrant red rug anchors this classic room (patternscolorsdesign.wordpress)

Classic Style

Classic style is effortless in red, white and blue.  In this room of plentiful natural light, the white walls provide a wonderful background for pops of red and patterns of blue and white.  Red is balanced throughout the room, giving this interior a welcoming appeal.

A living room with white and blue couches and a fireplace.
A more subtle approach to a classic color scheme (Houzz)

Nautical Appeal

A nautical touch goes a long way for a cottage approach to red, white and blue.  Striped chairs flank the solid blue sofa and the ship’s wheel provides an interesting focal point.  Casual and classic, this room exemplifies American design.

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A living room with vibrant red, white and blue striped furniture.
A nautical approach to red, white and blue interior (pixhder)


A mixture of patterns and a fine balance of colors give this room a natural ease.  The variety of textures is evident in the red leather ottoman and wicker chair.  The white accessories provide even further texture.  Overall, this room is cozy and inviting.

A living room with a patriotic rug.
Traditional interior (BHG)


Sophisticated style is achieved with the use of bold variations of red, white and blue. The addition of stately furnishings and accessories elevates the style of these rooms.  Adding black to the central color scheme grounds the space and gives the room contrast.

A living room with white and blue walls and red furniture.
Adding black to red, white and blue gives a sophisticated touch (decoratingfiles)
A dining room with a red table and white chairs.
Cool and sophisticated dining (sukio)

A Lighter Touch

You can choose to take a lighter touch with red, white and blue.  A classic white kitchen looks homey and warm with the addition of a blue and white plate collection and red bar stools.  With just these touches of color, the kitchen exudes life and interest.

A kitchen with red chairs and a center island.
A white kitchen gets color pops with red and blue (decoratingfiles)

You can be bold with the color scheme or take a more subtle approach to red, white and blue.  This classic combination can be sophisticated and grand or relaxed and casual.  Choose a dominant color of the three and let the other two play supporting roles.  This will give your space balance.  So, light some fireworks in your home with this trio of colors!


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