Bad Luck Designs

A black door with an arched window that brings bad luck.

There are certain things that one should look at while designing. One should take note of superstitious and feng shui beliefs to avoid design inspired misfortunes.

Black DoorA black door with an arched window that brings bad luck.

According to Chines culture, the colour of your door depends on the direction that it is facing, such as north, south, east and west. According to this culture, a black door would bring in misfortune or bad luck if the door faces any direction other than north.

Thorny PlantA cactus pot sadly placed on a white surface.

One other superstitious belief is that sharp or jagged objects also tend to bring in bad luck. It is suggested that those who are trying to attract good energy to their home, they should avoid using thorny plants like cactus to avoid bad luck.

MirrorA white bed with blue and white pillows brings good luck.

Mirror facing the bed can also cause bad luck. According to some when the mirror faces the bed it can bring in relationship problems between the couple as it invites unwelcome outside influences and disrupts a healthy marriage.

CalendarA calendar hanging on a white brick wall, defying bad luck.

A calendar in a wrong place can also have an aggravate effect. There is a superstitious belief that if a calendar is hung on the front door of a home it is a reminder of life’s passing days and also impacts the life time or the longevity of the residents of the home.

A Shipwreck PaintingA painting of a sailing ship braving a storm with bad luck.

A person who always suffers from bad luck and owns a painting of shipwreck should get rid of it. A shipwreck painting is a symbol of distress which could affect behaviour and energy.


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