Tips for choosing the right lamp for every room


The lamp is probably the most neglected but utterly important thing in every room.  The correctly lit room may reflect not only to the room itself, but to the whole appearance of your home. Read on and steal some of the listed ideas below for your own house.


The focal point in choosing the right lights is to be aware that every room needs a different kind of lamps. You can’t have a table lamp in your bathroom, because you won’t see anything properly, like you can’t have a desk lamp in your kitchen for the same exact reason. That’s why different rooms need different light.

For your living room


Floor and table lamps are very suitable for your living room. That’s because this particular area allows you to experiment with various sizes and forms of light as the living room is the most visited room in the house. Use big floor lamp as your main lightning and place a table lamp or two here and there. Naturally, be careful with the placement of the lamps for you don’t want to block the line of sight between any of your guests.


For your bedroom


In this room you don’t need some strong and eccentric lights. Choose lamp that will give you enough lightning without overwhelming you. Use smaller floor and bedside lamps for the perfect atmosphere of your own private space.

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For your kitchen and dining room


Here you need something that will cover the whole room – hanging lights, chandeliers, even floor lamps. Try to blend in the different lights. Remember: the lamps in your kitchen and dining room can never be the central focus, so choose them carefully.

For your bathroom


Task lightning, accent lightning and of course ambient light – these all are good decisions for your bathroom. In this room you have to have good lightning near the mirrors – especially for the ladies – and some bright lamp that will lit every corner of the room.



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