Embrace the Unique With Eclectic Interior Design

An eclectic living room with a large painting on the wall.

Eclectic interior design refers to a style of decorating that encompasses a blend of styles and periods that blend for a harmonious and unique look.  This is a style that works great for those that travel, amassing collections of objects from all over the globe.  It is also perfect for those that enjoy scouring flea markets and antique shops, bringing home items that they love from various periods and multiple design styles.

An eclectic living room with couches, chairs, and a coffee table.

There are a few guidelines that should be followed when creating an eclectic design so that the result is a harmonious space and not just a mishmash of items scattered about without any flow.  A neutral background, in the form a rug or uniform wall color, will unify the space.  However, a bold color on the walls and a neutral floor can really make a collection pop.

Eclectic blue living room.

There should be one statement piece as a focal point.  This will put everything else in perspective and give the eye something to focus on when first entering the room.  From there, one can better appreciate the other items in the room.  A statement piece can be a unique object, large painting or a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest.


A living room with white furniture and an eclectic large painting.            A living room with eclectic pink walls and furniture.

Mix modern with traditional and incorporate different colors, textures, shapes and sizes into the eclectic design.  Group similar items, such as a collection of artifacts from China, for maximum impact and to keep the design uniform.  Eclectic design calls out for items that are unique and unexpected.

An eclectic dining room with a table and chairs.

Above all else, have fun.  Use what you love and create a space that is lively and interesting.  Mix it up!  A Duncan Phyfe sofa can serve as counterpart to an Art Deco chair and a modern table.  Use a mix of chairs in the dining room.  Let your imagination run wild and be bold.  Eclectic interior design embraces the unique and unexpected.

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