4 Ways to Use Malachite in Your Interior Design

Malachite walls
Malachite walls (dailymail.co.uk)

Malachite is a strikingly beautiful natural mineral that is emerald green in color with circular bands of dark green, light green, black and gold.  It is valued for its rich color and pattern.  In the home, the malachite pattern is used in wall coverings, fabrics and accessories.  Furniture and decorative accessories made of malachite are often glossed for a high sheen to show off its beautiful pattern and color.  Here are four ways to use malachite in your interior design.

Natural malachite
Natural malachite (isabelpiresdelima.blogspot)
  1.  Walls and Ceilings

Malachite patterned wallpaper is a beautiful way to bring this mineral into your home with style.  The multi-faceted green is an enhancement to bathrooms and bedrooms, giving these spaces a dramatic flair.  Highlight one wall for impact or cover the entire room for a rich look.  For a dramatic effect, cover the ceiling in malachite paper or paint treatment.

Malachite wall covering
Malachite wall covering (decoist)
Dramatic malachite wall treatment
Dramatic malachite wall treatment (decoist)
Malachite wall treatment
Malachite wall treatment (decoist)
Malachite ceiling
Malachite ceiling (lushome)

2.  Fabric/Upholstery

This rich pattern conveys well into fabric.  Cover chairs, use in window treatments or accent with pillows.  Mix with other bold hues or use in contrast to white.  Much like an animal print, the malachite print comes off as a neutral in most cases.  Use it where you want a punch of color or pattern.

Malachite fabric window treatments
Malachite fabric window treatments (betterdecoratingbible)
Malachite fabric chairs
Malachite fabric chairs (decoist)
Malachite fabric stools
Malachite fabric stools (drivenbydecor)
Malachite fabric on chairs
Malachite fabric on chairs (mydesignsourceblog)

3.  Furniture

True malachite or faux furniture brings this character-rich mineral to the forefront.  Accented with gilded hardware and accents, malachite furniture truly shines.  A modern coffee table accents a space nicely, or an intricately detailed side table can serve as a statement piece in a traditional setting.  A malachite desk would look great in an elegant  home office.

Greek Key Design in Interiors
Malachite desk
Malachite desk (eyefordesignlfd.blogspot)
Beautiful malachite table
Beautiful malachite table (Pinterest)
Malachite chest
Malachite chest (interiors-ru.livejournal)
Malachite pattern coffee table
Malachite pattern coffee table (nyinteriordesign)

4.  Decorative Accents

Malachite decorative accents, such as prints, boxes and objects make a stylish statement in any room.  Prints look especially stylish in the modern or traditional room.  Obelisks of malachite make a wonderful accent for the mantel and boxes are perfect for the coffee table.

Beautiful framed malachite prints
Beautiful framed malachite prints (decorpad)
Malachite decorative boxes
Malachite decorative boxes (decoist)
Malachite obelisk
Malachite obelisk (knockoffdecor)
Malachite accessories
Malachite accessories (I-object)

Malachite is rich of color and pattern.  It is for this reason that this mineral is such a treasured element in the home.  Use it in your home with wall treatments, fabrics, furniture and accessories for an elegant look.



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