How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design

A restaurant with tables and chairs that inspire home design.

When you enter a trendy restaurant or an elegant eating establishment, take a moment to look around.  These interiors are the result of pain-staking planning of interior designers.  Not only do these interiors have to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but they must adhere to certain codes and design standards.  Restaurant interiors can also inspire.  Here are a few ideas on how dining out can inspire your home design.

How dining out can inspire your home design using colorful tables and chairs.
The beautiful Bellagio Hotel dining room (Bellagio)

Eating out is generally a treat in and of itself, but when you can dine in a restaurant whose interior is luxurious or unique, the dining experience is so much more.  Restaurant interiors can inspire you to create particular color schemes and themes in your own home.  Take cues from materials used and surfaces of the restaurant to bring those into your own rooms.

A restaurant with a clock on the wall that inspires home design.
Gorgeous restaurant interior (idesignarch)
A living room with blue walls and mirrors that is inspired by dining out.
Lush velvet and metallic give this room glamour (genwhymovie)

Some restaurants have a lively spirit that invites happy dining and you may want this type of atmosphere for your own home.  Bright color and whimsical accents may inspire you.

A restaurant with vibrant chairs and tables.
Fun restaurant interior (home-designing)
How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design.
Bright and cheerful interior (diyonthecheap)

There is much to be said for understated elegance and there are many restaurants that adhere to this aesthetic.  Taking cues from this style can lead to elegant and timeless interiors in the home.

How dining out can inspire your home design with tables and chairs.
Restaurant interior design (
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Beautiful black and gold dining room (Decoist)

The perfect merging of color pairings can inspire room designs.  If a particular color combination in a restaurant appeals to you, try it out in your own home, but keep in mind that lighting makes a large impact on color.  Colors can look very different in the light of your home as they do in a dimly lit restaurant.

Keywords: bar, green walls
Restaurant interior design (
A cozy living room with chairs and a fireplace.
Sage green and red living room (leointeriors.wordpress)

Sometimes, direct translation of a design scheme is not possible.  However, an overall aesthetic can be accomplished with the right blending of color, scale and materials.  Be careful with scale, as what looks just right in a large restaurant interior can overwhelm your home space.

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How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design in a modern setting.
Beautiful restaurant interior (mindfuldesignconsulting)
How dining out can inspire your home design featuring a modern living room with a wooden ceiling.
Sleek modern interior (cgtrader)

Sometimes a color and overall aesthetic works for you even if the type of design (modern versus traditional) does not.  This is when a certain personal interpretation in the home is necessary.  You can make a modern design work for your traditional space if you follow the overall mood and color scheme of the restaurant.

How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design with brightly colored tables and chairs.
Colorful restaurant interior (
How dining out can inspire your home design using purple couches and a painting of a rhino.
Living room with whimsical accents (interiorsbycolor)

Some restaurant interiors can be quite unique and require a bit more work to be translated into the home.  In this case, architecture may play a major role.

How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design.
Unique restaurant interior (idesignarch)
A 3D rendering of a living room with curved walls inspired by dining out.
Unique home design (home-designing)

Sometimes, dining can be a special experience that you want to remember.  One way to do this is to incorporate the colors and overall vibe of the establishment into your home.  You may not want an exact replica, but just a reminder of good times.

How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design on a cruise ship.
Cool restaurant interior (
A living room with couches and a coffee table can be inspired by dining out.
Lively waterfront interior (faburous)

There are many restaurants that have a cozy, warm environment that is relaxing and welcoming.  These are the places where you linger over cocktails and enjoy that extra cup of coffee with dessert.  Create a warm replica at home with inspired colors and warm wood finishes.

A dining room inspired by dining out, featuring a wooden table and chairs.
Warm and welcoming restaurant interior (laviezine)
A home design inspired by dining out with a living room featuring a fireplace and large windows.
Warm and inviting interior (HGTV)

Sometimes restaurant interiors can inspire you to think outside the box, encouraging you to go ahead with an unexpected light fixture, wall finish or color scheme.

The lobby of a hotel with a bar and couches inspires home design.
Beautiful modern restaurant interior (annasherrill)
How Dining Out Can Inspire Your Home Design: A purple dining room with a round table and chairs.
Purple and gold dining area (Houzz)

When you dine out, take note of your surroundings and see all the different possibilities set before you.  Let the restaurant inspire you to create unique and beautifully appointed rooms of your own.  No reservations required.


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