Home Design Hacks to Find More Space in a Studio Apartment

Home Design Hacks

Anyone who has been on the rental market lately will know that the cost of renting has ballooned in recent years. With costs getting out of control, some renters are opting for smaller places in order to keep their rent under budget and make sure they have money to set aside or spend on some luxuries.

Renting a studio apartment tends to be one of the cheaper options available for renters who want to learn alone. The advantage of a studio apartment over a bachelor is that studios have a separate kitchen/dining area from the bedroom/living room area. It can provide a bit more comfort and separation, but compared to a one-bedroom, a studio can feel quite cramped.

With these hacks, you can make the most out of your new studio apartment. You don’t have to feel squeezed in with your place, even in a tiny apartment.

#1 Live Better with Less Stuff

NYC-based professional organizer Laura Cattano has a philosophy toward living in a small apartment: choose which activities you want your space to support.

What she means by that is deciding how you’re going to use your and what’s most important. Everyone sleeps, so making sure you have room to get some undisturbed shut-eye is essential.

But there are things that are more optional. Not everyone cooks, and that can free up a lot of storage. Even if you do love spending time in the kitchen, dispense with the one-task gadgets and go for multi-purpose kitchen equipment.

Ask yourself whether you really need a desk at home or if you do most of your work at the office or from a coffee shop. Consider what kinds of necessities you can pay for out of your home instead of taking it all on, like laundry or dry cleaning. It can give you more free time, too.

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#2 Use Vertical Storage

When living space comes at a premium, the last way you want to use it is by storing stuff that you hardly ever use. However, you can’t get rid of all of your belongings, and some of it will have to be stored.

Think about incorporating more vertical storage solutions into your apartment. That means shelves, adjustable storage solutions, and anything that you can stack.

You also want to make the most of typically underutilized spaces above and below your furniture. Invest in boxes that let you store things under the bed or the couch or space on top of your refrigerator or cabinets.

#3 Bring in More Natural Light

You may not be able to move your walls, but you can create the feeling that your studio apartment is bigger than it actually is. Natural light is the best tool you have for creating a light, airy atmosphere in your apartment. Here are some of the ways you can let more natural light in:

  • Bright white décor choices will help reflect light coming in through your windows.
  • Use curtains or partitions that are light and let plenty of light pass through.
  • If you want to separate the bedroom/living room, consider using shelving that allows light to pass overhead.

These hacks will help you enjoy your living space. Don’t be afraid to do things differently to make sure your home feels spacious.

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