Eight Tricks For Your Small Bathroom Decor

small bathroom decor

For small bathroom decor, it is important to note that the aim is to make it cozy and create an illusion of a bigger space.

With this in mind, what should you do to create this effect? Here are five tricks to help you get started.

Maximize your Space

In a small bathroom, you need all the space you can get. Maximize your shelf space by uniquely displaying your beauty products in a pattern depending on their size, shape and color. All the things that you use should be at an eye-level on the shelf.

Build Shelves

small bathroom decor

You can add a few shelves across your bathroom wall. These shelves must blend with the walls. If there is no space, consider using a shower caddy that complements your bathroom color. Here you can store your shampoo, conditioner, treatment or body wash among other personal effects.

Right Bar for Towel

Your towel can either fit in the same space or you can mount it on a towel bar or a hook.

Wallpaper decor

Think of wallpaper that will make a bold statement in your bathroom. One with unique large patterns and warm color is ideal. Get wallpapers designed for bathrooms; moisture don’t affect them.

Aesthetic Mirror

Consider displaying a mirror on the wall. The bigger the better. Because of their ability to reflect light, a mirror creates an illusion of a bigger space and illuminates your bathroom.

Whimsical Interiors Spark the Fun

Accessorise the Elements

Accessorize your bathroom with simple and unique decors. Every functional item in your bathroom should be a work of art.

Make Artistic Holder

Create a dramatic effect with a shell soap holder, designer hooks or colorful soap dispenser. These pieces will give a personalized feel to your small bathroom decor.

Place Plants

A snake plant does well in rooms with little lighting and it’s barely affected by the moisture in your bathroom. Add it to your bathroom decor for that last touch.

The difficulty of small bathroom decor should not limit you. Transform it into an elegant space with these easy to implement tricks.