4 Ways To Make Your Home an Oasis of Peace

A woman's feet on a blanket near a fireplace, creating an oasis of peace.

Home: The Castle Where the Heart is
What was the purpose of a castle in medieval times? Protection and security were at the top of the list; these things made it possible for those in the castle to have a sort of oasis from the uncertainty in the world. Not only did castles preserve economy, but protected against the weather. Without all that protection, it’s hard to have peace.

But there’s a fourth aspect which one wouldn’t generally expect a castle to have, and that is heart. Yes, castles did have heart when they were lived in because people put it there. And so the oasis was more than just a shelter from the storm, it was a sought place to be.

Any home can be your castle of peace providing an oasis against the craziness maelstrom of life, but not all homes are. Some don’t even know where to begin, so here we’ll cover four ways to make your home a more peaceful refuge.

Personalizing and Styling the Space

For most people, where they live is an outward expression of their inward thinking. That means that, transitively, if you take an intentional approach to managing your home from the inside out, it can have an inwardly clarifying effect. Of course everybody’s different, but there’s good reason to personalize where you live.

Make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Put furniture in it that matches your sensibilities. Let it act as a three-dimensional reflector for your preferences. Style the space in a way which personally resonates with you. That will make it a more peaceful escape from the world that’s familiar, fitting you like a glove.

Assuring Restful Sleep

The body and mind need sleep. It’s not just where you sleep, or the adjacent environment; it’s the media on which you sleep.

Figure out the sort of mattress that suits you. Some people prefer soft mattresses, others want something more firm. A great option many are exploring today is memory foam, which conforms to fit your body.

Whatever helps you get a restful night of sleep the most consistently, assure you’ve got it.

Cultivating Positive Relationships With Those Who Live There

Whether it’s just you and a goldfish, or you, your spouse, half a dozen children, a few in-laws, and enough pets to start your own zoo, things are going to be more peaceful and endurable when everyone tries to get along. This is one of the hardest things of all to achieve, and it can even be hard to maintain. But it is attainable, and maintainable.

If you keep in your mind the thought of being at peace, and getting along with those you live with, you’re more likely to contribute toward that outcome. As with so many things, the key is intentionality. You need to be intentional about cultivating a harmonious household.

This will sometimes mean you allow those you live with to “get away” with something here or there. In contrast, it may require you to “keep someone honest”. Act according to the situation, and strive for peace.

A cozy living room oasis with a fireplace and bookshelves.

Maintaining the Premises Proactively

Even castles implode without maintenance. Repair scuff marks, polish floors, clean regularly, replace lightbulbs, fix the blinds, clean the attic, finish the basement—make for yourself a list of recurring chores and things to do, then do them.

Working and accomplishing even small things not only keeps the property in shape, it’s got a cathartic effect. You get that feeling of accomplishment.

Making Your Home as Peaceful and Stress-Free as Possible
Maintaining the premises, living at peace with others who call the space home, sleeping well, styling the space, and making it personal, will make your home a true oasis. Your home is your castle, and it’s where the heart is. So be intentional about taking care of it, and see things flourish.

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