Creating an Art Deco Living Room

Creating a Living Room with a black and gold Art Deco wallpaper.

Art Deco style was born in France before the First World War, but it reached the mainstream by the 1920s and was a style phenomenon in the Western world. It’s never really died, but today it’s experiencing a booming renaissance in popularity.

Art Deco is memorable for dramatic and brooding décor, with a range of luxury textures from gloss to suede, with glamorous spotlighting and highlighting colours in white or metallic.

A 3d rendering of a living room with black and white stripes, inspired by Art Deco.
Dark furnishings and moody lighting turn this room into a brooding and masculine living room (
A living room with a large painting on the wall, creating an Art Deco ambiance.
The main feature of this room is the heavy contrast between black and cream (

Strong geometric shapes are a key feature of Art Deco design. Often in heavy contrasting colours or warm metallic tones, they are usually fine, clear, and a key feature of an Art Deco room.

Creating a Living Room with a black and gold Art Deco wallpaper.
Geometric patterns, bold contrasts and lots of metallic shades make this room the epitome of Art Deco (

Art Deco had its main period of popularity during the Jazz Age, when money and luxury depicted success as a result of the American Dream. Entertaining was popular for the upper classes, and the way to show your worth was to put this into your interior design. You can achieve a similar style by incorporating lots of luxury textures and ornate furniture into your home, from soft drapes to hard wooden tables and chairs.

Creating an Art Deco living room with white furniture and a fireplace.
This sophisticated and luxurious living room is reminiscent of a Jazz Age party space (

Metallic colours feature so heavily in Art Deco, mainly because of the nod it gives to precious and expensive metals such as gold, bronze, and platinum. You can’t go wrong with metallic accents in wallpaper, soft furnishings, or ornaments in any Art Deco room.

Creating a chic Art Deco living room with red furniture and a chandelier.
Plants and bold colours give this Art Deco room a tropical Gatsby-esque edge (
Creating a black and white Art Deco living room with a TV.
Luxury fabrics and metallic shades give this room a simple elegance and style (

Art Deco is a popular trend worldwide. It’s striking and bold, and for those reasons it may not be the best personal choice for you. Soften your Art Deco and give it a contemporary twist by reducing the starkness of the colour contrasts and adding more light and openness to a room.

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Creating an Art Deco living room with furniture and a fireplace.
Subtler contrasts and softer hues give this Art Deco home a modern twist (

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