Hotel Rooms to Inspire Your Bedroom Design

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Do you enjoy reliving memorable vacations? Do you love staying in luxury hotels? You can enjoy those memories and the experience by taking cues from luxury hotels around the world. Let these beautiful suites inspire you to recreate your memorable travel experiences in your own bedroom. Capture the fine details, the quality furniture and luxurious comfort of these places to achieve a bedroom that makes you feel as if you are on vacation every night.

A living room with a bed and TV, inspiring bedroom design.
Luxury hotel suite (Hotel Lugano via splendidelugano)
A bedroom with a large bed and a painting on the wall to inspire your bedroom design.
Beautiful luxury hotel to inspire bedroom design (dorchestercollection – Milan hotel)
A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table that inspires your bedroom design.
Hotels to inspire bedroom design (The Riad El Fenn in Morocco via
A hotel room with wooden floors and a bed.
Luxury Hotel Metropole, Hanoi (vangviet)

Attention to detail is something that the hotel industry has down and it is a practice that can be followed in your own home.  When designing a bedroom, it is the small details that make it personal and welcome.  Such details could be a lamp in just the right spot, a vase of fresh flowers, a water glass on the night table or decorative objects that accent the room.  Other details could include beautiful tassels on curtain tiebacks, a soft throw at the foot of the bed or a lumbar pillow in a chair.

A hotel room with a view of the city that will inspire your bedroom design.
Small details equal big impact (MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada)
A hotel room with a bed and a desk.
Inspiring details of hotel suites (Hotel Principe di Savoia)
A hotel room with a bed and a sofa to inspire your bedroom design.
Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy (
A hotel room with a view of the city.
Beautiful Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada inspires bedroom designs (thehomesitter)

Quality furniture and amenities are the norm in luxury hotels around the world.  Luxury hotel rooms are often designed by professionals and quality is key when catering to an elite clientele.  When designing your own bedroom, quality should be foremost in your mind as well.  Choose pieces that are well-made and will last throughout the years.  The bed is the most important item and a quality mattress should be selected.

A bedroom with a bed and a couch, perfect for bedroom design inspiration.
Quality features of hotel rooms (palazzovictoria-vernoa)
An ornate bedroom with a chandelier.
Quality furnishings in luxury hotel inspire bedroom designs (dorchestercollection)
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Luxury hotel suite to inspire (world-visits)
A hotel room with a view of the ocean to inspire your bedroom design.
Quality furnishings in luxury Kempinski Dome Hotel in Beleke (

Comfort is what guests are seeking when they check into a luxury hotel.  The mattress is firm yet comfortable, the bedding soft and luxurious.  Extra blankets are at the ready should they be necessary.  Comfortable seating is available and lighting is at key areas of the room.  Your bedroom can follow these elements of comfort for a welcoming space that will help you achieve relaxation for a good night’s rest.

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A hotel room with two beds, designed to inspire your bedroom design.
Comfort is premium in this luxury hotel (Gulf Hotel Bahrain)
Hotel room with a bed, sofa, and chairs.
Stylish comfort in this inspiring hotel suite (Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort, Morocco via
Hotel room with a large bed and inspiring city view.
Stylish luxury hotel (niahome)
A hotel room with two beds.
Comfort takes center stage at this hotel (winsclubholidays)
A hotel room designed to inspire your bedroom design.
Comfort abounds in this hotel suite (St. Regis Luxury Hotel, Shenzhen, China via thepinnacleist)

Style is generally at a maximum in luxury hotels.  Designers create rooms that are right on trend and appeal to a variety of tastes.  When designing your personal bedroom, keep in mind your preferred aesthetic and go from there.

A hotel room with a fireplace and a bed to inspire your bedroom design.
Comfort awaits in this luxury hotel suite (kenshook)
Hotel room with a bed and inspirational painting.
Stylish hotel suite (Pinterest)
Hotel rooms with two beds and a tv that inspire your bedroom design.
Stylish hotel suite to inspire bedroom design (Omni Hotels, Dallas, Texas)
A room with an inspiring bedroom design featuring a bed, chairs, and a television.
Stylish hotel room design (kenshook)
A hotel room with a bed and a view of Florence, inspiring bedroom design.
Stylish Florence, Italy hotel (Florence-hotel-Brunelleschi)

Style your own bedroom from these inspiring luxury hotel suites.  Master the details, quality, comfort and style of these places and surround yourself with luxury.  Every time you enter your bedroom, you should feel that you are stepping into a vacation.

A batman themed bedroom with a bed and a bedside table to inspire your bedroom design.
This suite at the Eden Hotel is booked by the hour, which suggests what it might be used for. It’s decked out like the original Bat Cave with a Batmobile, bat sign and other cave-like decorations, including gargoyles and bats flying above.
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