Tips to keep in mind when buying bed sheets

A woman is placing bed sheets on her bed.

Some of us spend around a third of the day between the sheets. Therefore it is important to make the bed an area that you will like to be in. Invest in bed sheets that make you feel wonderful and which will also last. There are many businesses selling bed sheets and there are a variety of these available. You can get stressed figuring out which will be perfect for your needs. 

The following are some tips to help you out when you want to buy bed sheets:

Fiber content

You must read the fiber content of the bed sheet. It is a good idea to select 100% cotton as it tends to be soft as well as affordable. Those who want something premium, consider Extra-Long Staple or ELS cotton, such as Egyptian and Pima. This is even softer as well as more durable. It is important to keep in mind that these sheets tend to be more costly and you will have to rely on the company’s word for them. 

There are even cotton/polyester blends that you can get. The fabric can have a rather synthetic feel, the polyester allows it to be inexpensive, more durable along with less likely to wrinkle. 

The thread count is not everything

There are manufacturing techniques which let brands make high thread counts and that without even increasing quality. You may have heard some people say that the higher the thread count in the bed sheet, the more comfortable it will be. However, some claim that a higher count will not necessarily mean that the sheets are soft as manufacturers are able to alter them. This they can do by enhancing them using silicone softeners which disappear after the first wash. 

A comfortable sheet is the one that is 100% cotton and not simply the 1000-thread count. 

Fit mattress

You should not assume that the bed sheet will fit your mattress. The standard sizes, such as queen or king, actually do not take into mind mattress depth. If your mattress is tall or even if you employ a mattress topper, you need to measure carefully before your purchase. Keep in mind some shrinkage after laundering. 

If you for instance want to buy king single size bed sheets, make sure that these will fit perfectly on your mattress. 

Consider the return policy

It is tough figuring out whether you will like sleeping on the bed sheets till you have tried these out. There are some brands, like those which have internet-only sales that let you make returns for some reason. This can even be up to a few months succeeding the purchase. 

If you want your bed to be comfortable, it is important to get the best bed sheets for it. Look for material that is comfortable and also of a good-quality. The sheet must look good when it is placed on the bed and should not clash with the overall décor of the room.

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