Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Mower’s Lifespan 

A man is performing lawn maintenance with a mower.

A mower is an expensive equipment that you need running for longer. A typical mower can run for around 8 – 10 years. However, various factors determine if your machine can last this long. For example, a low-quality product comes with less equipment. 

How you care for the equipment also determines the lifespan. A well-maintained mower can last for up to 15 years. On the other hand, reckless usage and poor storage can diminish its lifespan by around 50%. As such, you need to purchase a high-quality mower that you can afford to maintain. 

Here are some of the maintenance tips to keep your lawn care equipment running for longer. 

Use the manual

A manual is the most important document you will use for mower care. The lawn care equipment comes with specific care needs, whether riding mowers, automowers, or any other mower. 

The manual comes with a guide on proper use and care. It will direct on the right fuel, cleaning, and storage. Do not use the manual as a one-time read document; instead, keep it around to reference any maintenance issue. 

Drain the fuel tank before storage

Having to refuel every time you are using a mower can seem a hectic task. However, it is one of the top maintenance tricks to keep. The gasoline degrades after some time then gum on the rubber and plastic surfaces. This explains why most engines won’t start after storage with fuel for a long time. 

Adding a stabilizer for ethanol when fueling is one way to avoid degradation. However, it can become costly in the long run. Instead, siphon any remaining fuel on the mover when a task is complete. 

Monitor oil levels

The lawn care equipment needs oil to keep the engine from overheating and failing prematurely. Like any other machine like tractors, you need to monitor the oil level at all times. Keenly monitor the oil to observe the level and condition. While the oil might appear fine on the first look, the careful inspection might confirm spots to show contamination. 

Replace any contaminated oil for the health of the engine. Let the oil drain from the mover through the drain plug for some minutes. For a mower without the plug, tilt it on the side to drain until complete. 

Sharpen the blades

Keeping the equipment blades sharp at all times also helps increase the engine life. A blunt blade needs more energy to clear the ground. It will need the engine to run for longer and harder. An engine running for longer reduces its lifespan. 

Observe the blades before any task to note bends, cracks, and other thin edges. While you can sharpen the edges by yourself, look for a qualified top lawn equipment servicing. 

Clean the mower decks

Mowers are meant to cut various shrubs, grass, and other thick vegetation during residential landscaping. The pieces of the vegetation tend to get stuck on the deck and can stop the blades from rotating. The grass also traps moisture that can corrode and rust the deck when left for long. 

Ensure the proper lawn equipment maintenance by cleaning the decks before storage. Use the manual for the best cleaning procedure. 

Keep up contacts

The mover can only operate as much as the components allow. You cannot expect the mover to run optimally when the spark plugs and battery are drained. Change the spark plugs every 100 hours of operations to ensure proper engine startup and performance. For electric mowers, consider changing the battery from time to time to ensure longer power storage. 

Where you buy the replacement is also important. Buy only from the certified Husqvarna, Toro and Stihl dealers. There are various qualified dealers to work with around Barrie and its surrounding areas. 

Bottom Line

Proper maintenance remains the difference whether top-quality lawn equipment will last for long or fail to work within a few years of purchase. If you are looking to gain the most from your equipment, you must be willing to invest the most. 

Treat the mower like you would like any other engine. Monitor and replace oil regularly and keep it safe from any other element. 

Reach out to Mercer equipment for the best mower maintenance tips and tricks. 

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