Tips for a Family Christmas in 2021 That Goes Down as One of the Best

Tips for decorating a family Christmas tree.

Now that summer is officially over, and the weather is starting to cool down, we know that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas will be here before we know it. 

While the past 18 months have been tough for many reasons, including a global pandemic that has made it harder than ever to see some of our loved ones, now is a time to start preparing for a memorable Christmas. If you start thinking about the big day now, you can make this year’s holiday season the best yet for you and your family. 

Spend Time Planning

Planning will help take the stress out of Christmas so everyone can enjoy it more. You’ll also fit more into the holiday season if you plan well and avoid missing special events you’d otherwise love to attend. Plus, preparation is vital when it comes to maximizing your budget. Take time to plan your budget for this time of the year, factoring in things like gifts, food, activities, decorations, and more. Plus, research events you and the family can attend together and other activities to engage in. 

Create New Family Traditions

For a memorable Christmas, it pays to come up with some new, fun traditions you can carry out as a family. Developing a list of entertaining ideas you can do year after year will help solidify the special time you spend together. One way to get the whole family into the Christmas spirit is to decorate your home. You might set up a tradition of searching for the perfect tree and, while you’re at it, drinking hot cocoa or taking the sleigh or hayrides that many tree farms set up. 

Many families set aside a particular day to decorate their tree, too. Put on some music and your comfy PJs or Christmas sweaters and spend time together, turning the tree into a bright, twinkly, lovely centerpiece in your home. It helps to use the same ornaments every year, especially those with significance, such as pieces made by your children or picked up on family vacations. 

There are numerous other traditions you might start, too. For instance, look at Christmas lights and decorations in your region, spend time caroling or watching nativity plays, or volunteer, perhaps at a soup kitchen or wrapping gifts for donations that help the needy. You might also devote some holiday season hours to playing board games or cards, creating plays or songs, or getting dressed up in silly, outlandish, Christmas-themed outfits. 

Capture Fun Holiday Moments

Nothing helps boost the memory years after a happy time like looking at snapshots of family moments. As such, it’s wise to record meaningful Christmas periods such as putting up and decorating your tree and house, opening presents, making items, and more. That way, everyone can look back on the occasions in the future and remember the bonds and emotions that were so impactful at the time. 

Take happy snaps throughout the Christmas period and then buy elegant or sweet photo frames or photo wall frames for your pictures. These make perfect Christmas day gifts for extended family members, too, if you can get them prepared in time. Plus, hang photos on the walls in your home to regularly think back on the fun you’ve had as a family. 

You might choose to take a yearly family photograph that you use for your holiday cards or use as keepsakes to help you remember the size and age of your kids at different events. Or, videos are another option. These days, it’s quick and easy to capture snippets of songs, conversations, and other times on your smartphone, so you don’t need any fancy equipment. 

Spend Time Together Being Creative

Tips for baking Gingerbread cookies with your family during Christmas.

Another great way to have a family Christmas you remember long after the presents are open is to spend quality time together being creative. Children of all ages enjoy learning new skills and seeing the finished results of activities like baking or cooking, putting together homemade gifts, making decorations, etc. 

Plus, doing some of these tasks together can help you create memories and tick jobs off your to-do list simultaneously. For instance, work as a group to bake and decorate Christmas cookies or gingerbread houses that may form part of the big Christmas lunch or dinner celebration and get handed out as presents to family and friends. 

All the above ideas can help you and your family have a festive season that goes down in your history as one of the best ever. Think about other ways you might make special memories together, too, as the options are as endless as your imagination.

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