Elements to Consider While Choosing a Kitchen for Your Oxfordshire Home

A kitchen with blue cabinets and a wooden table in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire ranks as the 6th best place to live in the UK. Though close to the Three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the City of Dreaming Spires also offers a cosmopolitan landscape.

With an unemployment rate of 3.7%, much below the national average, Oxfordshire has attracted potential home buyers willing to lead a peaceful life.

Recently, the Oxfordshire Growth Board secured £215 m in Government funds for new homes. Hence, it makes more sense to increase your home value with the latest upgrades.

Revamping your traditional kitchen with designer kitchens in Oxfordshire is a fantastic way to make your overall chic living space more contemporary. Here are a few notable elements to consider while choosing a modern kitchen for your Oxfordshire home.


Oxfordshire has a moderate cost of living index, just over 70, and a purchasing power index of close to 95. However, the quality of life index remains high at a staggering 169.

With the average home price being about £500,000, the budget you set for a kitchen unit can make all the difference. To avoid going overboard, set a clear financial plan for a quality refurbishing.

Understand your cooking requirements and include only the essential design elements to stay within your budget.


Depending on your storage requirements, decide the cabinets and pantry unit settings.

A recent report reveals that nearly 65% of the people in Oxfordshire love dining out. So, if you are the 35% who loves cooking from scratch, you would need a ton of space for your grocery. You could use compact cabinetry and push-to-open storage. The latest designs epitomise multitasking, which is a significant plus for small kitchen spaces.


Oxfordshire has a temperate maritime climate. Since the weather is never extreme in Oxfordshire, it is the best place to use durable wood like walnut and washed oak for various parts of your kitchen.

Your investment should last at least 10 to 15 years to be worth its price tag. Considering your cooking requirements, make wise choices while selecting quality material for your kitchen construction.

Oxfordshire residents love wood oven pizzas, and if you wish to install such an oven, use durable material for your cabinets and other worktops.


Oxfordshire has it all, from the beautiful Edwardian and Victorian homes to stone-built cottages.

Your kitchen design should naturally blend well with the rest of your home interior aesthetics. If you live in a vintage house and love cooking the traditional Oxfordshire sausages, popular since the 18th Century, include a classic larder to meet your kitchen storage needs.


The reputed designers recommend vibrant and dual-tone cabinets, which are quite a hit in the kitchens of Oxfordshire. You can match them with walls and fittings in soft hues, giving a refreshing look to your cooking area. Also, market experts suggest incorporating the trending light-dark shades, giving your Oxfordshire kitchen a modern look.

You could play safe with ever-green colours like white and ivory, or go bold with bright yellows and greens; it boils down to your style statement. It is best to choose an appealing kitchen style that won’t frustrate you after a while.

Space Restrictions

The average proportion of one- and two-bedroom properties is at 31%, while close to 43% of houses in Oxfordshire are 3-bedroom properties.

There are notable space limitations when it comes to housing in Oxfordshire, and naturally, it is sensible to select a design that suits your small kitchen space. Remeasure your kitchen floor plan to utilize every inch of the room, and have all the amenities you wished for in your dream cooking area.

In 2017, the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal announced a £60 m budget for affordable houses and another £150 m for infrastructure improvements. With the real estate boom attracting more home dwellers to Oxfordshire, hiring a kitchen designer is the easiest way to elevate your property value.

Rest assured, you can enjoy your dream kitchen, meanwhile transforming your home into a lucrative investment for prospective home buyers.

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