Why your bedroom should have a knee pillow

A woman using a knee pillow while reclining.

Why the orthopedic pillow for legs is necessary and, in particular, the knee pillow, for some adults and conscious people still remains unclear. They prefer to sleep in the old manner, stacking on a pillow only the head and that, not on orthopedic, and simply enormous or flat as a pancake.

The number of patients with articulate and vertebral pathologies steadily grows, and orthopedists strongly are engaged in development of useful devices which would reduce the number of the diseased or give relief to those who weren’t lucky any more.

Auxiliary devices for sleep which are intended for different parts of a body have been developed, and can be used in a set for comfortable situations, or according to the medical recommendation. Such councils are usually necessary for those who are exposed to occupational diseases, or risk catching them, because of unlimited and constant load, a static and inconvenient pose behind a desk could be critical.

In orthopedics many clinical trials for the purpose of determination of expediency of a form of similar devices were conducted.

Acquisition of an accessory such as an orthopedic pillow for any part of a body, has to be optional dictated by already come disease. Anyone who feels the first signs of illness or simply wants to take care of their health can buy one.


  1. Forms and types of devices for legs
  2. What the leg pillow is necessary for

Forms and types of devices for legs

Special restrictions for the orthopedic devices designed to optimize a sleep, or to prevent development of professional deformation doesn’t exist. But if you consult an orthopedic doctor, it is possible to derive the maximum benefit from such a purchase. Without knowing purpose subtleties, it is impossible to achieve the expected positive effect, and in certain cases – is even to receive negative. The huge role is played by not only the form of a product, but also its functionality, and material of which it is made.

Will suit the person not inclined to allergic reactions also synthetic, having the advantages, subject it is better for negative manifestations to be guided by natural filler. The main thing is to be defined, why, and how it gives you the necessary look. Then new acquisition will execute that why did you buy it.

Orthopedic pillows for legs and knees are conditionally subdivided into several categories:

  • the cube, for fans to sleep on spin, consisting of 2 parts with dredging on which legs separately keep within;

  • the roller of different volume and form which is placed under knees during sitting in a static pose or night sleep (it is recommended in spasms, pregnancy and an ache in joints;

  • the roller-kombi, from several components which are standardly established by the size (small under knees, the biggest on volume is put under heels) thus, it is possible to optimize a blood stream in varicosity or phlebitis, to prevent their development;
  • planimetric, intended for a dream in situation on spin with the extended legs and repeating their anatomic features – a peculiar orthopedic fixer, for those who work in a sitting position;

  • the transformer – the optimum pillow for legs intended for fans to sleep on one side and those who are subject to articulate pathologies, (it can be fixed as appropriate on extremities);

  • the slanted cube allowing to place at an angle hips, and shins to arrange parallel to a surface of a sofa or a bed;

What the knee pillow is necessary for

In the summary to medical adaptation it is accepted to say that any leg pillow is made with strict accounting of anatomic features and using all orthopedic developments. The clinical trials which are carried out by orthopedic surgeons allowed us to develop not one dozen devices for sleep and rest of purposeful appointments.

The orthopedic knee pillow – an optimal variant for those who like to sleep on their side. A firm pillow between your knees will prevent your upper leg from pulling your spine out of alignment and reduce stress on your hips and lower back. Pull your knees up slightly toward your chest. The pillow for your head should keep your spine straight.

A series demonstrating knee pillow usage.

Doctors recommend orthopedic pillows and to those who have an effect of cold legs, the increased puffiness and other symptoms of pathology. The main component of effect – a right choice of model.

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