5 Bamboo Pillow Benefits You Need to Know

Cactus pillows on a couch with an orange throw, featuring bamboo pillow benefits.

Does it sound familiar? Once your head hits the pillow, you fall asleep.

If yes, you must have a good pillow. If not, you should consider choosing a better pillow.

91% people of believe that comfortable pillows are important in getting a good night’s sleep.

Choosing your perfect pillow can be daunting: it takes much time and effort to understand whether your pillow can suit your needs and wants. However, you can make the process easier if you know what things matter when it comes to buying pillows.

In this bamboo pillow guide, we will tell you everything you should know about the bamboo pillow benefits that make it a perfect choice for most sleepers.

Although there are different pillow options on the market, the Bamboo fabric is considered to be one of the best materials for high-quality pillows.

What is a Bamboo Pillow?

It’s a pillow made of Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on the Earth. This plant grows naturally without pesticides or chemicals, so Bamboo fiber is hypoallergenic. Since this material is soft and contains a protein structure that is easy to recognize for our bodies, it’s one of the most comfortable cushions on the market.

Bamboo pillows are considered to be therapeutic, breathable and temperature control.

Although these pillows are called ‘Bamboo’, they contain minimal bamboo.

What are Bamboo Pillows Made of?

To begin with, it’s important to identify that pillows have two parts – the cover and the filling.

Here’s the deal: only the cover includes the bamboo portion of your pillow.

On the other hand, the stuffing contains memory foam. In fact, 90% of Bamboo pillows are made of an overly-processed cotton, filled with chemicals. Actually, there are different fillings you can find inside the cover: polyurethane foam, cotton, buckwheat, feathers, wool, latex, etc.

Note! Read the label carefully before buying the pillow.

Although your pillow can be marked as ‘Bamboo memory foam pillow’, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s the remedy for back and neck pain as the process is individual. However, Bamboo pillows have many other benefits that make them a better choice for different people.

Bamboo Pillows Benefits

Are Bamboo pillows worth it? If you wonder whether you should invest in buying a Bamboo pillow, you’re welcome to look through the list of benefits you can get with this purchase.

A woman enjoying the benefits of bamboo pillows on her bed.

With the Bamboo pillows benefits, not only will your body feel more comfortable, but your night’s sleep will also be better.

  1. Eco-friendly natural product: Bamboo is a naturally sustainable and fast-growing plant that doesn’t require chemicals. As a result, the process of growing this grass doesn’t harm the environment, so it’s more economical than many other synthetic materials. Moreover, this plant produces 35% more oxygen than other trees, requires less water, and it’s recyclable and biodegradable. People who take care of the Earth can be sure they choose a 100% organic product.
  2. Hypoallergenic: For a variety of reasons, some people may be allergic to dust mites, one of the top five most common allergens. Since this pillow cover contains the bamboo itself, a natural material, it’s considered to be hypoallergenic. Bamboo fiber doesn’t cause allergic reactions, so it helps to avoid skin irritation. Thus, Bamboo pillows are a better choice for people who suffer from skin allergies.
  3. Antimicrobial: The Bamboo fiber contains a bamboo-kun substance which gives a natural resistance to pest and fungi infestation. Thus, Bamboo pillows have antimicrobial properties which help to keep bacteria from adhering to its surface and create an inhospitable environment for it to grow or thrive.
  4. Thermo-control: Bamboo fiber is a breathable material that provides a user with air circulation. It keeps the right temperature for a good night’s sleep and it makes your pillow cooler which prevents you from waking up at night.
  5. Moisture absorbing: Since Bamboo is a natural fiber, it absorbs moisture. It’s a well-known fact that many people sweat while sleeping, so it’s important to find a pillow that absorbs moisture, and therefore it keeps a fresh fragrance which means the stale smell won’t disturb you.

Although Bamboo pillows are not 100% bamboo, they have the same benefits as the material itself. All in all, it’s important to say that Bamboo pillows can provide users with high-quality sleep, preventing the sleepers from waking up at night.

Obviously, Bamboo pillows have cons. For example, they are not 100% organic, usually blended with memory foam, it takes time to adjust to them, and they require gentle care. However, the number of pros is bigger, so Bamboo pillows are considered to be a good choice for many people.

How to Choose a Good Pillow

The process of choosing a perfect pillow is individual, but you should keep in mind three main things that can help you make the right choice:

  1. Pay attention to your sleeping style. Depending on your favorite sleeping position, you should choose a firm, medium, or soft pillow.
  2. Find a 100% organic pillow which is made of natural materials to avoid allergy reactions.
  3. Choose the right size for your needs. Before buying a pillow, it’s better to lay on it for a while to understand whether you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo pillows have recently exploded in popularity, and many people switch to these pillows for a chance to improve the quality of the night’s sleep. Since these pillows offer many benefits, it’s no wonder sleepers want to give them a try. Considered to be hypoallergenic, these pillows have a great number of potential fans who can enjoy their benefits.

Are you ready to get your Bamboo pillow today?

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