Why is my stairlift going slow?

Most often, before a stairlift stops working, it will show some signs that it needs servicing. In other words, one of the signs that your stairlift needs to be serviced is when it starts moving slowly.

Furthermore, if you address this symptom quickly, it will save you from spending a lot of money on repairs. In other words, you can resolve the issues before the stairlift packs up. Unfortunately, very few homeowners pay attention to their stairlifts. Don’t forget when it is moving slowly, then something might be wrong with the stairlift.

Signs that your stairlift needs servicing or maintenance

Apart from moving slowly, they are other signs that show that your stairlift might need serving or maintenance. Check out other signs below:

Stops at Intervals

If you notice that the lift stops moving slowly when it goes up, then it may have issues. It may be a sign that the lift batteries need to be replaced. Don’t engage an unprofessional technician because they may not be able to detect the problem.

Scrapping Noise

A scrapping noise can be very annoying and frustrating if you don’t know th cause of it. This scrapping noise may just be telling you that the batteries are not charging or something else. However, some experts have noted that the possible cause of the scarping noise is that the power outlet may not also work.


If you notice cracks on the seat spring or any other part, it may continue to run until it breaks down after a while. However, when you notice this, stop running the lift because it may cause other parts of the stairlift to get bad.

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Usual Operation

If you notice that your lift jumps and shutters, then it means something may be wrong with it. Also, you may also notice that it hesitates on the track with a grinding noise and this may cause the gearbox to go bad.

Usual Sounds

Naturally, if you use the stairlift on a daily basis, you will get used to the sound. Therefore, if you start noticing the usual sounds while using the lift, it means something might be wrong. Take a closer look at the area where the usual sound is coming from.

Troubleshooting your stairlift

When you notice all these signs, then you may need to troubleshoot your stairlift to resolve these issues. However, you may need a technician to carry out this troubleshooting or go through the manual. Most stairlift manuals provide answers to how to solve some of the problems highlighted here.


These signs on your stairlift show that it needs to be fixed or it may pack up. More so, if it gets bad while in motion, the user may sustain an injury. Finally, reach out to a technician to help out. Also, an elevating platform distributor can help you sought out some of the issues highlighted here. Moreover, they are available in Laval and other parts of the country too.

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