5 Lovely Neighborhoods in Franklin, TN for Seniors and the Reasons Why

An aerial view of neighborhoods and mountains in Franklin.

If you’re in your late sixties or nearing retirement, like many others, you must be thinking of moving to a new place. Assuming you haven’t made up your mind, let us tell you about Franklin, Tennessee, which is a beautiful place to make a fresh start with your spouse.

For seniors who’ve worked their whole lives, a place full of friendly locals, convenient amenities, and nature full of fresh oxygen and beauties is a perfect choice for relocation.

Can Franklin, TN offer you all these facilities in one package while ensuring your lifelong peace of mind? It can, without any doubt.

Let’s delve into Franklin’s five amazing neighborhoods and the reasons to make one of these places your new abode.

Is Franklin, TN a Nice Place for Seniors To Live?

Wondering why make Franklin, TN, your next neighborhood to live in for the rest of your life? Honestly, we won’t make any fallible promises. Franklin has its pros and cons, like many other modern cities and towns.

However, since it’s a peaceful small town within Tennessee’s Williamson County, its living standard and facilities are quite suitable for the older citizens.

You might not require visiting big cities in your old age that much, but you’ll be happy to live just twenty miles away from Tennessee’s capital city of Nashville.

Moreover, Franklin is a place of a growing economy where jobs, businesses, and basic amenities are affluent. You won’t spare your retirement in fear of a lack of medical treatments, public transport, groceries, and utilities.

The Franklin dwellers are also very welcoming to their new neighbors. If you and your family care about proper socializing, this is a great spot for you.

5 Lovely Neighborhoods in Franklin for Older People

In this section, we’ll share with you five of the beautiful and safe neighborhoods in Franklin, Tennessee. By learning about them, you’ll be able to make your moving decision correctly.

So, let’s dive in:

Forrest Crossing

In retirement, you may want to engage in various physical activities like walking, golf playing, tennis, cycling, etc.— and Forest Crossing can offer you just that type of neighborhood.

This subdivision has many sidewalks that you can use to stroll around in the morning. Besides, the community’s tennis court, golf course, and swimming pools can offer you wonderful pastimes.

If you’re worried about the real estate market here, Forest Crossing offers houses ranging from $340,000 to $560,000 for sale that mostly accommodate single families.

Cool Springs

If you want to bemuse yourself with the striking nature, suburban lifestyle, and traditional and modern shopping centers, come to Cool Springs. This place could be the best deal for those seeking peace of mind in their post-work-life.

However, you will find the Cool Springs real-estate market much more compliant with your preference for finding a suitable home for yourself. This area has beautiful condominiums and townhomes with convenient routes to different amenities and recreational spots like Galleria, Ashton Park, the Carronbridge community, etc.

Also, considering the amazing location, you may get great house deals within $500,000 for a condo, single-family house, or townhome.

Fieldstone Farms

Fieldstone Farms is one of the largest home inventories in Franklin, Tennessee, with about twenty-one thousand homes within twenty-six subdivisions. You’ll get efficiently built single-family houses here to avail yourself of safe and peaceful living after retirement.

Also, Fieldstone can offer you a range of beautiful houses out of which you can buy your very first home with your lifelong savings. Prices are affordable as you can avail of one house for you within the budget of $200,000 to $600,000.

Speaking of recreational spots and activities, Fieldstone Farms has swimming pools, tennis courts, community parks, and playgrounds for its locals.


Bingham/Parry is the poshest neighborhood in Franklin since this rich area is full of wealthy and top working-class residents. If you plan to move to an area where affluence and wealth flash day and night, Bingham/Parry is the place for you.

Did you know that Bingham/Parry represents more than 90% of the whole of America’s household income? It’s not surprising that a house in this area may cost you way above $600,000 while sometimes reaching nearly $700,000.

There are many recreational spots in Bingham/Parry; however, you can visit notable places like Franklin Family YMCA, Westhaven Golf Club, Carter House and Carnton, etc. on the weekends.

Franklin Green

Another lucrative neighborhood for retirees is Franklin Green, which has grown significantly since its developmental inception in 1998. You can find various small to moderate houses here if you have a growing family.

The median sales price for a house in Franklin Green is about $400,000. You’ll be a happy buyer since this price is much lower than the other neighborhoods in Franklin, TN.

When it comes to having quality pastimes and recreations, Franklin Green can offer you soccer complexes, skate parks, a bicentennial park, and so on.

Why Is Franklin, TN a Suitable Place for Seniors to Make a Fresh Start?

Franklin is a place where you can make your house a home with minimum effort and stress. Let’s discuss some of the positive sides of starting a new life or buying a new home in Franklin, Tennessee.

Prosperous and Family Friendly

With lots of schools, shopping complexes, community parks, and amazing nature, Franklin, TN, is also a place with one of the lowest crime rates. So, simply, it’s a very healthy and family-friendly place to live.

Small-Town Feel

You’ll find a traditional touch and small-town feel living in Franklin. Franklin, Tennessee is a smaller area compared to the other cities and towns, which is why it’s more homely and secure.

Four Season Weather Conditions

Since Middle Tennessee doesn’t get brushed up by the harsh cold temperature of the northern states, the cities and towns here are much more temperate. So, enjoying the summers, falls, winters, and autumns here will be a great privilege for you and your family.

Warm Welcome

Franklin natives are well-mannered, kind, diverse, and welcoming to the newer residents. If you and your family care for a friendly neighborhood that’s mostly run by such warmness, get a home in Franklin very soon.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go. You can check out the five suitable places for your old age in Franklin, Tennessee, as we’ve discussed above, and make up your mind.

Remember, you can’t expect Franklin to give you the vibe of Nashville since it’s a small town, a suburb of Nashville. Yes, you can always make a crossover from Franklin to Nashville if necessary, as they’re very closely located.

Moreover, consider your family size, economic solvency, savings, and other relevant goals before moving to Franklin.

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