5 Things That Make a House a Home

A vibrant red front door decorated with potted plants and a wreath adds warmth and coziness to a home.

What does home mean to you?  Single family house, townhouse, apartment or even boat, home is a place where you should feel most comfortable.  It is the sanctuary at the end of a hectic day.  Home is the place where you can be yourself and perhaps even find yourself.  There are many things that make a house a home and it is different for everyone.

Here are 5 things that may be on your list of those that make a house a home.

A front porch with flowers and bushes, creating a cozy home atmosphere.
Make your house a home with a welcoming landscape (twittercolorchat)
A living room with gray furniture and purple accents that make a house feel like a home.
Decorate with what you love and make room for family and friends (Houzz)
A cozy living room with a zebra rug and a chair, creating a warm atmosphere.
Create special spots in your home and find a favorite chair to relax (decorhomeideas)

1. A comfortable room for friends and family to gather

This is the spot with the comfortable sofa and plenty of space for friends and family to share conversation and good times.  A house becomes a home when memories are made.

A living room furnished with comfortable couches and a coffee table, making it feel like home.
A great area for entertaining (Houzz)
A dining room with a table and chairs, creating a cozy atmosphere and making it feel like home.
Open living for entertaining (room-decorating-ideas)
A warm and inviting living and dining space featuring hardwood floors.
Comfortable seating and small tables for entertaining (acadianhouseplans)
A cozy living room with a fireplace, creating a warm and inviting home.
Warm and inviting space for entertaining (themaisonette.net)

2. A comfortable bed with a cozy blanket. 

There’s just something so homey about the bed that you can snuggle up in and dream.  Decked out with soft linens and a favorite blanket, this spot is home.

A yellow and white bedroom with sunflowers, showcasing things that make a house a home.
A cozy bed to make you feel right at home (homebunch)
A cozy bedroom with a bed, dresser and mirror - Things That Make a House a Home.
A well-made bed for comfort and luxury (wedding-journey)

3. A favorite chair


There’s no denying the pull of a favorite chair.  Whether you enjoy reading in a corner or relaxing while enjoying television, a comfortable chair that envelopes you is home.

A cozy striped chair in a room with bookshelves.
Every home needs a comfy chair (bilvil)
A chair and ottoman, two essential things that make a house a home, in a cozy living room.
A favorite chair makes a house a home (Pinterest)
A cozy chair in a warm living room.
A stylish chair quickly becomes a favorite (Pinterest)

4. A personal touch

A personal touch, whether that be a family heirloom, a piece of artwork or a souvenir from your travels.  Personal items make the house a home.  Whether you are a world traveler, a collector or just have a few personal favorites, these are the items that make you feel at home.

A living room with a cowhide rug.
Mixing family heirlooms or special pieces that carry a memory make a house a home (luxhomedecor)
A cozy living room with lots of bookshelves that brings warmth to the house.
A favorite piece of artwork adds that personal touch that makes a house a home (ecochic)
A cozy living room with a rug and couches, embodying things that make a house a home.
Family heirlooms or special pieces add character and make a house a home (freshome)
A cozy dining room with a wooden table and chairs, embodying the essence of
Vintage pieces can mix with modern décor for a special touch (Stockholm-vitt.blogspot)

5. Live in the home

Live in the home.  This means leave an imprint and impart your history on the home.  Utilize every room in the house.  Plan at least one dinner a week in the formal dining room.  Read in the formal living room that is neglected.  Invite friends to stay in the extra bedroom.  Transform a spare bedroom into a home office.

Infuse Fun into Your Home with the Unexpected
Wicker chairs, things that make a house a home.
Use the dining room and bring out special pieces to make a house a home (globalrant)
A dining room table with chairs and a rug that adds to the coziness of a house, making it feel like home.
Plan at least one night in the week to eat in the formal dining room (trendecoration)
A home office with a white desk and bookshelves that embodies the essence of
Utilize the space in your home (Houzz)
A cozy entryway with a bench and wicker baskets, adding warmth to the house.
Don’t be afraid to really live in your home (decoist)

Truly living in your home means planning parties, watching movies, reading, playing games and sleeping.  Hang up your coat on the coatrack and leave your mail on the table in the foyer.  Spread out and take advantage of the space you have or cuddle up and appreciate the coziness of a smaller home.  Surround yourself with the things and the people you love.  Make your house a home.


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