Carpet as an investment

A living room with a white couch and a Persian rug.

For rich people, we aren’t discovering anything new with this information. Investing in carpets is a common thing for many years. And by that, we don’t just mean investing in them in the way of affording a valuable piece of furniture that will last a long time. The value of carpets rises with years, and you can really talk about smart money investing. It might surprise you that the most expensive carpet ever sold has reached a price of $ 33.8 million in 2013.

A collage featuring various types of rugs, including a Persian carpet, in a living room.
Even though you think they belong to the old-fashioned style, Persian rugs can be a great fit for a modern home

However, there are tricks as to which carpet is of great value and why its price increases over time.

But for starters, a bit of history

Although the history of carpets is exciting and fruitful, no one knows for sure when they were made and how. The oldest carpet ever found is the Pazyryk carpet. It’s discovered in Siberia, and experts believe it is over 6000 years old.

The most famous are undoubtedly Persian rugs. Carpet embroidery is considered to be one of the most remarkable manifestations of Persian culture and art, dating back to the time of ancient Persia.

It’s an area of present-day Iran, and carpets continue to be an essential cultural and economic dimension of the country. In 2008, Iran exported carpets worth about $ 420 million, or 30% of the world market. If you’re looking for where to start your investment in carpets, Persian rugs are the right place to start.

A living room with a Persian rug and blue walls.
Although it is not advisable to spill red wine on them, quality carpets are extremely durable and do not lose their shape over time


Quality is understandably a key factor when investing in rugs. They must be handmade without exception. Therefore, no industrial production achieves a price increase in any case. Unless perhaps it is painted by some of the famous artists and because of its name, it gets value. Handmade is a fundamental prerequisite for carpet to be of great worth.

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Besides, you must pay special attention to the condition of the knots. Expensive carpet must be extremely dense and have a large number of knots per square centimeter. This determines how durable the carpet will be and how it will behave over time. If the density is too low and poor performance, the rug will eventually lose its shape and become frayed, which means it won’t be worth much.

It’s also important what it is made of. Most expensive oriental rugs are made from silk on silk lining. Plus, the bigger they get, the higher their price.

A series of photos showcasing various types of Persian rugs in a living room, highlighting their investment value.
Oriental quality carpet prices range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand euros


No doubt, the state of the carpet must be perfect. Nevertheless, a real, thick, quality carpet is not as easy to destroy as one might think. Most hacks that destroy ordinary carpets daily will do little harm to the right quality carpet. The real danger is the moth. You have to protect them from moths because once they are bitten, it is difficult ever to restore them to their original state.

Also, many valuable rugs come with a declaration and signature on the back. Keep these labels secure so you can prove the origin, age, and quality of the carpet.

The price of expensive carpets ranges in the tens of even hundreds of thousands of euros. However, even if you do not intend to buy a rug for later profits, it is a good idea to stick with some of the quality selection tips. Investing in a better quality carpet may mean you’ll never have to replace it literally.

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