Detailed Guide on How to Arrange Pictures on Wall

A home office with a desk, bookshelf, and framed art.

Does staring at the blank walls make you feel monotonous? Utilizing the vacant places to display your pictures is a good idea. To be precise, nothing beautifies a space like decorated walls done in a tasteful manner. A majority of us get confused when the context is about how to arrange pictures on the wall. Moreover, if you have a vast collection of pictures and prints, grouping them can be a true nightmare. So let’s explore the various techniques to decorate your room with pictures.

Hang pictures at an appropriate eye level

To make your artworks visually stunning, ensure to hang them at the eye level. Furthermore, consider an array of images as a single whole piece. For instance, if you are hanging four pictures, ensure that they are hanged as an entire square. Interestingly, if you are doing it for your living room, make sure that the decoration arrangement is slightly lower. This would provide your guests with the best view while sitting.

A rose and bottle on a white wall.

Arrange pictures carefully before using your hammer

To guard kids wall art ideas against damage, first arrange the pictures carefully. Refrain from the temptation of putting a hammer to nail too soon.

So here is the list of processes through which you can hang your kid’s artwork without any issues.

  • Lay all your kid’s artwork on the table or the floor
  • Ensure to lay all the pieces on a large craft paper and trace around each edge
  • Mark the points through which the pictures would be hanged
  • Fix the paper to the wall to measure around edges carefully
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Prospect of hanging images on the stairwell

It is quite normal that we traverse the length of our staircases several times during a day. But when the context is about hanging wall art, we often overlook our staircases. There are houses where staircases are the Centre point of a particular room. If the staircase in your home enjoys a special artistic expanse, utilize the space properly.

However, the display of pictures in a staircase need some immaculate planning. Use a string with two pins to design a line. You should utilize this line for creating visually stunning rows. By following the rise of the stairs, continue hanging the pictures. Ensure that equal distance among the images are maintained.

Symmetrical placement of pictures

A black and white drawing of a woman sitting on a bed, with pictures on wall.

For most homeowners, balance and symmetry are the utmost priorities. Symmetrical placement of images and artworks is best suited for small pictures. In order to achieve this type of arrangement, you have to provide equal spacing between the pictures.

Ensure that there is a Centre point with respect to which you are hanging the pictures. Moreover, if you have a collection of images which are identical in size, use a symmetrical grid pattern. Pictures comprising multiple frames have a huge impact on the overall décor of your space.

Unified grouping of pictures

If you want to portray cohesiveness and sensual organization, opt for a unified grouping of pictures. It is important to note that this arrangement works great in a casual as well as a formal setting. Note that you have to use identical frames in the context of unified grouping. You can opt for the inclusion of other wall décor items that resembles a contemporary theme.

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A home office with a desk, bookshelf, and framed art.

Asymmetrically arranging pictures

The asymmetrical arrangement of pictures is ideal for those who want to render a contemporary look to their wall décor. Commence by arranging your favorite pictures and artworks. As the name suggests, you have ultimate freedom in selecting pictures of any size and shape. Note that this type of picture arrangement looks spontaneous. It also takes a great deal of planning to create an orderly piece of wall hanging out of asymmetrical pictures.

Displaying pictures just above the shelves or ledges

One of the great ways to display pictures is above the shelves or the ledges. Interestingly, shelves make it easy to exhibit and rotate artwork. Displaying pictures on shelves come with their own set of advantages. For instance, you have the liberty to mix and match the sizes and frame styles of the images. To ensure that your flower wall art is affixed properly, use a double-sided tape. You can also avail actual picture ledges to ensure that the images don’t sleep.

A detailed guide on arranging pictures on a child's room wall with a teddy bear and toys.

Don’t emphasise much over framing

Nowadays, one can avail a lot of intricately-carved picture frames to accentuate home décor. It is usually recommended that opt for frames only if your wall colour is able to complement it. In case the wall colour looks worn out, hang pictures without a frame. Interestingly, going frameless with your favourite artworks is an emerging trend. It is also an economical way to decorate your home.


Let us hope that the ideas mentioned above would help you greatly to arrange pictures. Select one which best suits your preferences and accentuates the décor of your room.

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