Color Combinations for Your Home

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Color unifies, brightens and enhances your home.  Choosing the right color combinations for your home can be a daunting task, especially with so many appealing choices.  For inspiration, here are some color combinations that have a universal appeal and fit within today’s current trends, along with a few ideas to get you started.

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Left photo, desiner Rhonda Vandiver White

When deciding on a color scheme for your home, look in your closet.  Are there prominent colors in your wardrobe that you like to wear?  If these colors appeal to you, why not start there.  Nature is a great place to take color cues as well.  Step outside and take a look at your surroundings, taking particular notice of naturally-occurring colors.

There are many appealing color combinations, some tried and true, others finding a place in of-the-moment homes.

jane lockhart designerJane Lockhart Designs

Blue, gray and cream is a pleasing palette that is elegant and refined.  Cool blue and gray combine with the warmth of cream for a very smart balance that creates an interior that is serene and welcoming. Combined with warm woods, this is a classic color trio .

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Aqua-turquoise-and-coral-come-together-with-surprising-and-elegant-ease          639706135_f8pgg-o

The combination of turquoise and coral combines lively island character with a glowing warmth, reminiscent of a sunset over tropical seas.  Replace coral for orange for a modern take on this vibrant color combination.

Six Exceptional Color Schemes Will Transform Your Homes

Rhonda Vandiver-White designer          interior-dazzling-blue-living-room-design-with-grey-sofas-and-black-table-17-amazing-small-interior-ikea-design-ideas

Left photo, designer Rhonda Vandiver White

Blue and gray are sophisticated and classic.  This spectrum of colors is cool and fits especially well within contemporary spaces accented with silver and nickel.

green-and-brown-livingroom-decoration-ideas9          green-and-brown-living-room-decorating-ideas

Green and brown is a color combination inspired by nature and makes for a very soothing space.  More muted tones of these classic colors show well in relaxed living spaces accented with natural wood, woven and plant elements.

giambattista valli fall 201400d8aec8167b7c88a4539fe6d31a21dd

Dress designed by Giambattista Valli, fall 2014 collection

A glimpse at the fall 2014 runway shows the color of the moment to be aubergine, a dark brownish-purple that translates well into the home.  Aubergine can be paired with gray, navy or muted green.


Finding the right color combinations for your home can bring disparate elements together, creating a unified living space.  Chosen from personal inspiration or from nature, your selections can shape the overall mood of your home.



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