How to Create a Colorful and Eclectic Home Office

Eclectic home office with a fireplace.

There are many ways to tackle the design of a home office.  You could set up the standard desk with a few cabinets and a bookshelf perhaps, or you could create a space that is uniquely yours and shines with personality.  Let’s explore home offices that are brimming with style and learn tips on how to create a colorful and eclectic home office that is anything but boring.

An eclectic home office with a zebra print rug in a room with a fireplace.
Colorful, eclectic home office (homeworkspaceideas)

Paint the walls a rich color and add bright accents that give the home office a stand-out quality.  Paint can transform a room and set the stage for your furniture and accessories.

An eclectic home office with a desk.
Deep wall color enhances this home office (HGTV)

Add vivid patterns at the windows and on the floor to enliven the home office.  Choose unique accent furniture that will stand out stylishly and be functional.

An eclectic living room with chevron striped curtains.
Vivid patterned drapes frame this eclectic home office (comfortablehomedeesign)

Accent the office with pops of color that will inspire and lend a bit of personality to the space.  This is as easy as adding a few colorful accessories, hanging bright curtain panels or including painted furniture in the room.

An eclectic home office with yellow chairs and a desk.
Pattern plays a role in this home office décor (decoist)

Treasured antique pieces, such as a beautiful desk, instantly elevate the home office.  Choose accessories that are unique and tell a story.

An eclectic home office featuring a desk, chair, and lamp.
Natural elements give this home office style (homeworkspaceideas)

A soft color can be accented with vivid pattern in a contrasting color to provide interest and to ground the space.  Try out an animal print rug for a flash of chic character.

An eclectic home office.
Pretty blue walls and bold prints give this home office a lift (HGTV)

Set your desk at an angle to give you an overall view of the room.  Accent the office with treasures from your travels to remind you of good times and inspire your work.

An eclectic home office with a desk, chair, and window.
Eclectic home office (madebymood)

Outfit your home office with shelving that allows the display of interesting objects.  Sometimes, those items that you don’t have a place for elsewhere can find a new home in your eclectic office.  If you are in the field of creative arts and use your home office as a work space, these items can prove to be quite the inspiration for your work.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space
Eclectic home office with a desk and chairs.
Interesting natural accents and plenty of shelving in this home office (memorabledecor)

Lavish your space with touches of glamour with wallpaper, silk window treatments, opulent furniture and lustrous fabrics.

An eclectic home office with an ornate cabinet and chair.
Glamorous touches enhance this home office (designindulgences)

A bold painting does wonders to infuse character and color into a space.  Set against a dark painted wall with white trim, a bold painting stands out and becomes a focal point.  Luster or metallic finishes on furniture create an interesting layer to the design.

A home office with an eclectic touch of blue.
Bold and beautiful home office (Zillow)

Merge different styles of furniture and add personal touches that speak to your personality and interests.  This sets the tone for a more eclectic home office.

An eclectic home office featuring a fireplace and a desk.
Bold and eclectic home office (classicpartsdepot)

Let color inspire you to design freely and more outside the box.  Choose a bright color for the walls and enhance that with wood tones and complementary colors in textiles and accessories.

Eclectic home office with green walls.
Vibrant home office (HGTV)

Mix patterns for a rich palette and layered design.  Mix geometrics with floral and bring out certain colors with the addition of painted furniture and even flowering plants.

A room with colorful walls and an eclectic rug.
Vibrant floral prints bring this home office alive (decoist)

Vintage accents and modern art work well together to create a space brimming with character.

A vibrant and eclectic home office adorned with a captivating mural on the wall.
Unique character in this home office (Pinterest)

Create a colorful and eclectic home office that speaks of your personality and interests.  Add pieces that tell a story and gather inspiration from those for your work.  Mix different styles of design for a fun and unique space.  Overall, your home office should be a space where you are free to create and organize.  It can also be an inspiring place and one that is full of unique style.


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