Decorating small bathrooms big time

Bathrooms with a window

In the madness of our lives as social beings, bathrooms are not only the place where we go about to do our business, it is also the room where almost often we experience solitude. Hence, the calming effect of this room is as important as its functional efficiency. It is often seen that bathrooms and powder rooms are often made in left over spaces in houses and apartments.
This lack of space brings about its own challenges and opportunities for the inhabitants and designers alike. By using some of the techniques below, bathrooms can be lifted up in their ambiance and feel.

1- Soothing palette

By using neutral palettes and light textures, small spaces can be perceived to be larger than they actually are. This also helps in ambiguity of a clear distinction between walls, floor and roof hence making the space seem more holistic. A whole range of whites and palettes of pastels are ideal for such an intervention in small bathroom spaces.

A white tiled bathroom with a walk-in shower, perfect for bathrooms.
Light colored palette bathroom tiled
A bathroom with blue tile and a basket of towels.
Serene light colored bathroom in earthy hues

2- Colorful accessories

With a smaller space, limited but strategic use of color can ask for focus of sight. By using colorful accessories like towels and other toiletries, contrast can be achieved even in smaller spaces. By the watchful use of these color in the bathrooms, differentiation can also be made in how serious the users are. For example for an elder’s room a more limited use of color could be found. In contrast, a house with kid’s bathroom could be an explosion of color against a basic backdrop.

A bathroom with shelves.
Red accessories pop out against a charcoal wall
A brightly colored bathroom with a toilet and sink.
No surprises there with what age group this bathroom is for

3- Clear the floor space

With limited space in tiny bathrooms, one of the sure shot hacks is to make sure the floor is free from any bulky furniture and fixtures. Even the tradition below the sink closed storage can be moved on from and a trendy basket can be kept. These can be made of natural materials like jute and can help provide softness to the palette of the space. Also, with floor edges visible the perception of spaces is more continuous.

Attic Spaces to Love
A striped rug decorates a bathroom.
Trendy basket for storage of used hand towels
A bathroom with a blue and white tile floor.
Skeletal furniture piece to hold up sink and non cluttered floor in bathroom

4- Make one wall the super hero

There is only so much space in a small bathroom. By focusing all the visual texture on one part of the room beauty can be achieved. This wall can be a textured tile, a natural material or just a brighter use of color.

A wooden bathroom with a toilet.
Use of natural materials for walls and roof in a tiny bathroom
A blue and white tiled bathroom.
Patterned tile in the backdrop takes all the attention in this bathroom

5- Flood it with natural light

The best way for spaces to look happier, brighter and larger than they actually are is to flood them with natural light. This is also true for small bathrooms. A well lit bathroom space looks more cleaner and chirpier too. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful ray of sun light kissing their body while they take their early morning shower.

A black and white tiled bathroom.
A beautiful window punched in a bathroom wall
A bathroom with a toilet and sink.
Bright light floods a small bathroom in whites

6- Get them big with mirrors

This trick has been used for a long time now. By having large mirrors placed in tight places, spaces look way bigger than they are. This use of visual depth has been practiced even in paintings and art so for our everyday lives this is a very practical and useful idea.

A modern bathroom with grey walls and a white toilet.
Looking mirror reflects the back wall of the bathroom
A small bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. (Keywords: small bathroom)
Larger the mirror, larger the space seems to be.

7- Let nature be a part of the bathroom

Who doesn’t like plantation and greens in the most rejuvenating space of the house. These natural elements keep the freshness level of the bathroom at the right levels.

A black and white bathroom with a toilet and a plant, perfect for modern bathrooms.
Creepers placed with the window in bathroom
A bathroom with a shelf full of potted plants and towels.
Bathroom plantation washed in the morning sunlight

A bathroom with towels hanging on a wooden ladder.

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