8 Beautiful Kids Bathroom Ideas Your Kids Will Love 

While your home interior decor matters the most, there are tons of kids bathroom ideas you can implement to enhance your child’s washroom space.

Children are a precious jewel, and as such, they need to be treated like one. Decorating your kid’s bathroom is one of the ways to make them feel special. They are likely to start and end their day in the bathroom.

As such, your kids bathroom ideas should have a warm, decorative detail so that they find it exciting and fun.

A vibrant and playful kids' bathroom featuring a colorful sink and stool.

A kids bathroom with striped walls and a bathtub.

A fun kids bathroom with colorful polka dots on the walls.

And because your kids’ interests matter the most, ensure that the space is as comfortable as possible. Make it a little snappy by placing customized towels and accessories inspired by animations.

That said, let’s have a look at some of the elegant kids bathroom ideas that you’ll surely love.

1. Fabulous Flamingo

Kids bathroom ideas with a blue and white color scheme.

As mentioned earlier, your child’s interests take an integral part in kids bathroom ideas, and as such, a relevant theme can be of significance. Fabulous Flamingo, for example, is a theme that promotes the playful feel.

The best of all is that it is affordable and easy to set up. Besides, it is an excellent way of personalizing your kids’ bathroom walls instead of using wallpaper.

2. Nautical Nicety

A brightly colored kids bathroom with a bathtub and sink.

Nautical Nicety is another fantastic theme for your kid’s bathroom. It blends perfectly with the vintage industry, which makes it ideal for both adults and kids.

3. Mermaid Tail

A brightly colored bathroom with a toilet and sink for kids bathroom ideas.

While most kids are fascinated with the beachy view, adding the mermaid tail theme to your kid’s washroom is a good bet. The scalloped wall tile enhances the ocean life with the yellow-aqua idea making it not appear childish.

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4. Built-in Boost

A child's bathroom with blue walls and a tree, providing kids bathroom ideas.

A kids bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors.

Let’s face it. A smooth experience is all you want in a bathroom when you wake up in the morning. This built-in step stool will grant your little one precisely that.

It is a typical drawer which provides easy access to the sink for your little one. You can as well customize it to a standard drawer when your kids don’t need the boost. The best thing is that you can also DIY if you can’t afford one.

5. Darling Doodle Print

Kids bathroom decor

Again, Darling doodle print is a kid-friendly theme that mixes modern fixtures with warm, nautical-inspired wallpaper graphics including the playful doodles of dock and ocean life.

6. Bold, Bright and Blue

A chalkboard wall in a kids' bathroom design idea.

Bold graphics, as well as striking, colours, are all that this theme has to offer. The massive white frames and the yellowish finishing brings energy to this elegant kids’ bathroom theme.

7. Catch the Wave

Kids bathroom ideas with two sinks and a frog on the wall.

A kids bathroom with blue walls and a yellow stool.

If your preference in the choice of kids bathroom ideas is the ocean view, then the Catch the Wave theme perfectly suits the bill. It is paintwork that enhances the wave view above the ocean blue room. Also, it is affordable and a straightforward option to add themes to your space.

8. Graphic Woodland Win

A kids bathroom with pink walls and pink furniture.

This amazing woodland-themed bathroom blends graphic prints as well as bold patterns to create a kid-friendly atmosphere.

The rich hunter-green, for example, is a painted vanity theme that brings the view of green forest, creating an inspiring space.


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