6 Bathroom Sink Makeover Ideas That Will Inspire You

If bathroom sink ideas don’t strike you, then you are yet to witness the transformative power they can have in your bathroom.

Yes, many designers may cite perfect tiling, the use of unique furniture and stylish vanities as the key to bedroom décor. But only the few who go the extra mile have witnessed the full potential of fashionable washbasins.

Gain More from less: Do a Simple Bathroom Sink Makeover

A modern bathroom sink with innovative water fountain feature.

A glass-top bathroom vanity.

While a complete bedroom makeover is naturally expensive and hectic, replacing your old sinks with something sleeker can help you achieve more style on a tight budget.

Like many other homeowners, maybe you don’t consider a washbasin a statement piece, but that’s because you haven’t explored the many elegant, yet rare bathroom sink ideas.

A wooden table showcasing creative bathroom sink ideas.

A vanity with a sink for bathroom design ideas.

These days, sink styles range from tempered glass, to natural stone and ceramic (based on material) and from top-mount to vessel-types, and so on, based on placement or shape.

So does that mean you need a change in approach when it comes to buying a washroom sink?

6 Bathroom Sink Ideas to Try

Modern bathroom sink ideas.

Here are some unique options when it comes to choosing a sink for your master or guest washroom.

1. A Ceramic Corner Vessel

A white bathroom sink with a water stream showcasing bathroom sink ideas.

You’ve certainly heard of double sinks and all other twists, but a corner sink is probably the least implemented design.

These sinks are designed to fit into your corner, and can come in floating or pedestal versions depending on your needs.

2. Washplane sink

A modern bathroom sink with a sleek glass top.

A modern bathroom sink featuring a blue glass bowl, offering unique design ideas.

If you’re a minimalist then you’ll fall head over heels for a Washplane sink.

It features a slim stylish design and is the simplest version of what you’d call a sink.

Is rent-to-own a good idea?

Apart from its minimalistic features, it is a space efficient choice—which makes it perfect for your tiny bathroom.

3. Natural Stone sink

A bathroom sink with water on top, showcasing creative bathroom sink ideas.

A Natural stone sink is the last material you expect in a modern home but that’s maybe because you haven’t seen one in action.

Many times, these sinks do not only serve their purpose as washbasins but also double as a centerpiece for those who fancy unique bathroom sink ideas.

4. Free-standing Pedestal sink

A black faucet adds contrast to a white bathroom sink.

Considered the ultimate statement piece for bathrooms, the irresistible free-standing pedestal sink (that you do not need to attach to a wall) always captivates the attention of any guest.

They come in various materials and look even better when paired with free-standing faucets.

5. Top-mount sink

A bathroom with a concrete sink.

A top-mount or what some call a drop-in washbasin is meant to be attached on top of a bathroom counter.

In essence, the sink is built into a counter with its edge protruding slightly above. These designs will not only serve their primary purpose, but also do well adorning your bathing space. 

6. Copper Trough Sink

A concrete sink for modern bathroom ideas.

A trough sink is also an eye catching twist because they are too large to ignore. You’ll particularly want to try these designs if you have a large bathroom with plenty of wall space to engage.

You can also pair these with a large mirror to complete the design and make a big bathroom look even larger.







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