10 Simple Ways That Put the “Fun” in Your Functional Office Space at Home

A feminine home office design with a pink and gold bedroom aesthetic, complete with a desk and chair.

Do you get flustered quickly when working from home? Do you feel bored and exhausted when you are doing your job? Are you frequently distracted when you are operating from your residence?

Working from home for long periods can become tedious at one point. You need to let your ideas flow, which motivates you to do your tasks aptly. Having a well-structured working environment is the way to go.

To make yourself enjoy your work and improve your efficiency, you need to decorate your home office space properly. Here are ten easy tips to make your home workspace functional and fun.

Making Lists Prevents Chaos.

To properly execute your plan of decorating your workspace, you need to list your business essentials and needs. Chairs, desks, and lamps are the standard mandatory requirements.

The list will help you decide what extra things you need to buy, what supplies you already have, where to place your belongings etc. Making lists will help you in the long run, and it legit alleviates your stress.

The Mid-Century Modern Home Office with a black and white checkered rug.
Mid-century modern home office (cb2)

This list will save you time and also will reduce the chances of you forgetting something. It will also help you visualize your decorating goals.

The Less You Clutter, the Less You Fluster.

You will quickly lose things and get flustered when you have too much going on in your workspace. Having clutter on your desk affects your productivity.

Always prioritize making your office clean and tidy. A neat and tidy workspace will help focus more on your tasks and not get distracted by clutter.

Creating Space with Ghost and Mirror Furniture

Assign proper cabinets and other storage spaces to keep your things organized and easy to find. Labeling your file cabinets also makes it easier to look for the items you need.

Invest in Your Work Essentials

Do not skimp on your work essentials, which include desks, chairs, and lamps. You do not want to suffer back pain and numerous health risks due to the effects of an improper office setting.

You need adjustable solid desks, which boost your workflow. Choosing from a sit-stand desk range would be ideal as it complements well with both productivity and minimalism.

Ergonomic chairs with proper back support are lifesavers. Your body will thank you when you have a comfortable chair that maintains your posture.

Well-lit lamps with long durability and easy operability also help immensely in the long run. Proper lighting is comfortable to the eyes – saving you the headaches and irritable eyes you can get otherwise.

Hide The Cords

The jumbled cords of your technological devices are an eyesore and also very distracting. They are also cumbersome when you need to fix or relocate your device.

To save you from a tangled nightmare of cords, make use of cable ties, winders, and wire organizers. You can also attach the wires separately at the back of your furniture using ties and connect them to a power strip.

You can also DIY a cord organizer. Organizing the cords saves space too, and you need some space on your workstation.

Green Bliss

Staying inside and away from nature sometimes feel suffocating. Looking at plants would make you feel better and more productive.

Benefits of having plants within your office?
A room with a desk, chair and plants featuring the Industrial Style Home Office.
Industrial home office design (decoist)

Place some easy to maintain small plants in your home office. Succulents would be ideal for desks; small plants like the ZZ plant would be suitable in the corner.

Having some greenery would make your home office very breathable. They will soothe you and give you cozy vibes.

Look Up to Your Inspiration

Sometimes you would get demotivated or exacerbated by work. You would need to look up to something that gets you going. Maybe a favorite TV character? Or an exhilarating painting? Or an uplifting quote?

A vibrant home office showcasing a yellow desk, integrating interior design as an art form.
Wonderfully vibrant home office (decoist)

Personalize your wall with a poster or art that inspires you. This will keep you motivated and make you finish your assignments. It will also make your home office look more captivating. Who wouldn’t want a cool room to call it their office?

Location is Key

Plan out where you will locate your desk, cabinets, and shelves. It is crucial to set your desk in a proper position to optimize your creativity.

Placing your desk near the window or under proper lighting would be aesthetically pleasing and cut down the strain on your eyes. Ensure that you place your work set up in an area with little to no traffic; this will avoid disruptions to your work.

Also, make sure you are setting your workstation in a well-ventilated spot in the room. The airflow will lessen your exhaustion. Better breathing, better life!

Optimize Every Space

Whether you have a small cozy or a large space for an office, it is essential to make the best use of every square inch.

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Properly utilizing every space will avoid the dilemma of whether your workstation is congested. It will surely make your life easier.

Four pictures of an ideal home office with a desk and bookshelf.

Using vertical shelving will save space, making the room look spacious and airy. Use quaint cabinets to save up storage space. You can also add a small basket or container on your desk to keep the stationery and other office trinkets that take up space on your desk.

Wonder Walls

The colour and decor of your wall determine the entire room’s outlook.

It’s the most common spot in the room you look at when you need to remember something or start to brainstorm.

The best initiative would be using light colours with contrasting paint as borders. Or a mix and match of both colours would work too.

Sometimes painting on patterns on the walls is labour intensive, time-consuming, and expensive.

Using wall stickers can be the perfect alternative. You can find a variety of designs. They are less expensive than painting, and they take significantly less amount of time. Sprucing up your walls will come a long way in boosting your work morale.

Hydration is Important Too

Dehydration and other associated diseases have been a rising issue, especially in the workplace. People often forget to drink water while working, which can have a devastating effect on their health.

Hydration is immensely crucial in work. It has a significant effect on your efficiency, mood, and overall well being.

To maintain proper water intake, assign a corner on your desk just for your water bottle. Purchase charming water bottles of your liking, preferably pairing with your office interior. This will make you want to drink more water as well as function as a nice decor.

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Hope these tips help you get a wonderful office space at home, making your work enjoyable and well organised.

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