Improve Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

A cozy home office with a white desk and black chairs.

Working from home is the future of business.

Many jobs can already be done with just an internet connection and a laptop, and more jobs are going to go this way every year. Rent is expensive, and many companies are realizing that they can save heaps of cash by having a virtual office instead of a physical one.

Distractions in the office cut down on productivity. An accountant will do better work when they don’t have to listen to the marketing team have a brainstorming session in the next cubicle, and management becomes easier remotely because you don’t have to manage interpersonal relationships as much.

Communication is as easy as setting up a messaging channel for each team and using project management software. Everyone has their own space, and meetings can be easily scheduled—no more worrying about booking a room!


As long as you have the right team, there should be no issues with their productivity. In fact, “at-home workers were not only happier and less likely to quit but also more productive,” according to a 2014 study outlined in Harvard Business Review.

Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success as a remote worker by improving your home office.

A home office with a black and white striped rug and plants.

4 Ways to Improve Your Home Office

1. Always Have a Way to Take Notes

Ideas can come to you at any time; be ready. Smartphones have hundreds of note-taking apps available for download. If you prefer pen and paper, keep a small notebook in every room of your home.

If you have to dig up a notebook, you’re likely to let the idea slip out of your memory. Realistically, you only have a few seconds until it’s gone. Short-term memory isn’t great at keeping track of everything going on in the moment.

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2. Invest in Proper Lighting

Bad lighting makes any workplace unbearable, including a home office. Try to work in a room with as much natural light as possible. If you need to work in a cave, get some LED bulbs.

These will mimic natural lighting and cut down on your energy consumption. Stephen Roache, owner of ZLED Lighting, an LED lighting distributor, says, “LED lights now allow you to change the temperature of the bulb, depending on the time of day.”

At night, they can provide warm lighting, and during the day, they can provide cooler, more natural light. Many people who work from home work strange hours, so being able to tailor lighting to the time of day is very helpful.

A home office with a white desk and chair.

3. Remove Clutter

A chaotic desk will lead to a chaotic mind. Keep your workspace tidy, and you’ll set yourself up to be more productive. Clutter is likely to distract you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Having a clean working space can boost your self-confidence and improve your mood. You don’t need to remove everything. Personalizing your workspace is important. You just need to remove anything that is unnecessary and doesn’t make you happy.

4. Give Yourself Breaks

It’s good to have a few distractions around for when you need to take breaks and to clear your mind and relax for a bit. Make sure your distractions are present but out of reach so that you’re not tempted to spend all your time goofing off.

If you like video games, using your computer for work and gaming can help you have more positive feelings about your work. If you prefer console gaming, you can use the same monitor. That way, your gaming systems are connected to the same screen as your work but turned off, ready for you when you want to take a break.

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Whatever you choose to do, you need to make sure that it makes you happy. If you don’t enjoy your work, you’re not going to get much done, and if you aren’t happy with your workspace, you’re going to have an even harder time. What else can you do to make yourself more comfortable and more productive?

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