Great Ideas for Modern Front Gate Design

A gate design featuring wreaths on a white house gate.

Exterior matters, and it is not just about the front yard or the design of the house. Recently, the designers are paying more and more attention to the front gates, because they can be so much more than the safety barrier. Front gates have to be functional and serve their purpose, but that does not mean that they cannot be aesthetically pleasing. An excellent front gate design can boost the overall house appeal and complement it. If you are thinking about updating your current gate look, stay tuned to get inspired by modern designs of gates.

Iron Mesh Gate

If you want to have some privacy, but also want your neighbors to admire your front yard or garden lawn, then the iron mesh could be the perfect solution. The tight mesh comes in various patterns and designs, and it looks very chic. We suggest to keep it in the natural dark gray color of iron because it will be a nice contrast to green grass.

Laser Cut

Laser-cut front gates are like a statement piece of art; they can look very fashionable and modern. Technology allows us to create our own custom design and laser cut it, which is an excellent choice for everyone who is creative or into the design. Paint it sandy beige tones, and you will get one luxury-looking front gate.

Slider Gates

If you are looking to get full privacy, practical slider gates are ideal. These gates are solid, massive, heavy, and they will keep you safe from curious eyes, perfect for busy streets. Wheels make them super easy to use, especially if they come with remote control, you would not even have to get out of the car. Their sleep and minimalistic design will go well with any property.

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Farmhouse Vibes

People who want their front gate to look homey, warm, and pleasant, should go for wooden gates. It almost looks like you are approaching a remote farmhouse. Large, thick pieces of wood can look rustic if you add stacked stone pillars or some details made of iron, wood, etc. For a more medieval look that resembles the gates and doors of castles, use dark wood combined with black steel fittings.


One thing that is certainly trending in the world of front gates is a pergola. Pergola looks massive, contemporary, and minimalistic. It is also a functional solution because it can hold the lighting above the doors, or you can attach a security camera on it, house number, etc. It will complement even the most simple-looking gate, and make it look better.

Classic Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates are timeless, and they will always look beautiful no matter what, there is something so charming about them, even though they do not provide much privacy. If you have a well-curated garden or the perfect green lawn, and you are not afraid to show it, wrought iron is a cheap and classy solution.

Futuristic Design

If you do not want a traditional-looking front gate, then the futuristic approach with chrome pipes might be for you. It almost looks like a bamboo forest gate, just that it is not made of bamboo trees, but chrome pipes. The material is long-lasting and easy for maintenance, and it is certainly an eye-catcher.

Iron Lace

Laced iron gates are almost like wrought iron ones but ten times better and more luxurious. The iron is thinner, the swirls are more rich and complex, and overall it looks very lavish and stylish. It is such a delicate-looking gate, made from a sturdy material. Also, it does not provide much privacy; it is more for showing off, or if you have a large front yard.

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Mesh and Metal Panels

If you cannot decide between full coverage and a see-through gate, why not combine them? Organize them alternately, split them horizontally or vertically, whatever, the options are endless, play with the design of panels to find the right combination for your home.

Laser Cut Steel

Plain steel gates are a bit boring but cut them with laser, and you will get a stunning result. Pretty much any type of pattern or design can be applied; you can go for curved lines for a more elegant look, or with geometrical and straight lines for a more modern, contemporary design. It is all up to you. You can cut it just a little bit here and there, or you can create an almost mesh-looking design.

Why Front Gate Design Matters?

The front gate is probably the first thing that people are going to notice when they come to your place or drive by. It is not mandatory to have a gate that matches your house, but it is always pleasant to see the whole package, a house, and a front gate that work well together. It also tells a lot about your personality and the vibe you are trying to send; is it a modern, cool look, or a more traditional and welcoming? You should choose whatever works best for you. After all, you will be looking at that front door every day, so we hope our recommendations inspired you to try something new.

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