Best DIY Side Tables

A collage of DIY side tables.


The side table is often a piece of furniture that is shunned or forgotten when it comes time to revamp our home. It is true that its importance is less important than that of the couch for example, but if you use a little imagination, this little piece of furniture can really make the difference!

Here are 10 ways to have fun with the side tables at a low price!

1. Logs

A pair of DIY side tables with a bowl on top.

The ideal DIY if you want to add a rustic and industrial touch to your decor! Remove the bark from some logs and paint their sides with the color of your choice. The effect is even more interesting when you take several and play with heights and sizes!

2. Stack of books

A bedroom with DIY side tables and books on the side of the bed.

Your library is packed and you do not know where to put your books? Stack a few to create your own personalized bedside table. You can even add a base and a flat surface to preserve your books. One thing is certain: no one will have the same as you!

3. Suitcases

A bedroom with a bed and DIY side tables.

Your decor looks vintage and you like to collect old objects? Unearth some antique suitcases and stack them, taking care to have the largest at the base and the smaller ones at the top. You can even push the look further by tying them together with a leather belt. A perfect DIY to give a little experience and personality to your room!

4. Boxes of apples

A DIY bed with a wooden headboard and a bedside table.

The crates of apples are more and more used in DIY and it is not surprising since they can metamorphose into almost anything! Here, we group two and we paint them in the color of our choice (you can also leave them natural). I personally made this DIY and I use it to store my shoes in my entry. A deco element are so versatile!

Beat The Winter Blues...With Denim Blue

5. Milk Can Side Table

A DIY bedside table accompanying a bed in a room.

And yes, the cans of milk can have another use than that of a vase with flowers! Give some love to the surface and attach a circular wooden tray. You now have a nice rustic side table!

6. Pimped stool

A bedroom with DIY side tables.

Do you recognize the famous BEKVÄM wooden stool from IKEA? Here, we personalize it a bit by giving it a layer of paint and by depositing our reviews of the moment and our favorite decorative objects. Here is a simple DIY, quick to make and very inexpensive!

7. Cinderblocks

DIY concrete side table.

I have always had a soft spot for furniture that is made from raw building materials. Here, we use the famous cinderblocks to build our own side table. The perfect DIY if you want to add an industrial touch to your room.

8. Suspended

A black and white bedroom with DIY side tables.

Who said that a side table had to have four legs? Reconnect with your child’s heart and treat yourself to a swing inside! Use a nice big rope and a wooden board with an aged look and you will get a side table that will not go unnoticed!

9. Integrated

A DIY wooden tray on a couch.

Do you miss a little space in your living room? The “couch sleeve” will become your best friend! Forget the $ 250 versions on the web and make it yourself. All you need is a board of wood, glue, stain and a little polish, and then you’re done! In addition, by creating it yourself, you can ensure that the measurements will be perfectly adapted to the arm of your couch.

10. Old chair

A blue chair DIY side table sits next to a bed in a bedroom.

Do you have an old wooden chair that belonged to your grandmother and still sleeps in the basement? Dust it a little, repaint it in vibrant color and place it near your bed. Old furniture, new function. Easy as pie!

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