Space Saving Beds for Small Apartments

A room with a compact bed and bookshelves.

Small living has its perks. However, decorating it provides an extra challenge. When decorating a small place, there is usually compromise needed. You may have to give up your dream wine cellar, your big TV or your classic dining room. Space saving beds offer a solution to this problem by creating convertible rooms. You can create a home cinema by day, a bedroom by night. They can turn a fun playroom into a cozy bedroom for two.

We would like to share a quote by Hans Hofmann, a pivotal figure in Abstract Expressionism, that applies to small living. “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. Beds become unnecessary during the day. “Hide” them and the room will instantly open up, giving you more space for everyday activities.

We browsed the web and brought you 12 amazing space saving beds to simplify your décor. Let’s check them out.

A white bedroom with a space saving bed and a chair.
Practical Murphy bed (

There is a wide variety of space saving beds to choose from. Save space without compromising on comfort with a Murphy bed. The bed “disappears” into the wall, freeing up floor space and maximizing the functionality of the room.

A space-saving bedroom with two bunk beds and a window.
Beautiful bedroom design accentuates the configuration of the room (
Two pictures of a small bedroom with a space-saving bed and a desk.
Save space with a slide-away bed (
A space-saving orange and white room with a bed and a guitar.
Espace Loggia’s “Pop and roll” bed (
A purple and white bedroom with a space saving bed and a desk.
Space saving raised platform with integrated bed (
A space-saving room with a bed and a bedside table.
Clever use of space in a 58 sqm studio apartment- Designed by Dan Vakhramieiev (

By integrating a mattress into a raised platform you can maximize both storage and floor space. You can easily slide it away when not needed. Also, the mattress can be used as a bed by night and a sofa by day.

A space-saving bed with a desk and chair in a bedroom.
Space saving beds- A bed with a twist (
A space-saving lofted bedroom in a tiny house.
Dreamy mezzanine bed (
A small bedroom with a space-saving bunk bed and desk.
Space saving beds- A stylish choice for every room (
A small bedroom with a space saving bed and a desk.
Space saving beds- Perfect for a sleepover (
A metal frame bunk bed that provides space-saving functionality and includes a mattress.
Sellex’s “La literal folding bunk bed”- designed by Lievore Altherr Molina (

Space saving beds will help you enjoy living small without compromising. Use them to maximize and make the most out of the space you’ve got.

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