Choosing and Styling a Bedside Table

Bedside table (Decorology.blogspot)

There are so many options available when choosing and styling a bedside table.  You can select two of the same, opt for mismatched tables, or even choose pieces that are not generally used as bedside tables.  To help you make a selection that works for your space and style, here are a few tips on choosing and styling a bedside table.

A pair of Art Deco night tables add style to your bedroom.  Photo,
A pair of Art Deco night tables add style to your bedroom. Photo,
A space-saving bedside table inspired by nature (Stylebymileyhenderson)
A bar cart serves as a bedside table (Thelovelyside)

The first thing to consider when choosing a bedside table is height.  The table should generally be level with the top of the mattress, though a few inches within this is fine.  It ultimately depends on what is comfortable for you.  You should be able to reach your clock, light or other items on the table with ease.

A bedside table should be the height of the top mattress (Pinterest)
A bedside table should make what you need easily accessible (Novisti)


A cozy bedside table (Pinterest)

When selecting a bedside table, you should consider extra storage with either drawers, cabinets or open tiers.  If you want to store extra clothing or linens, a cabinet style table is ideal.  However, these can take up more space than you have available.

A bedside table with drawers and a shelf keep personal items tidy (Homedit)
A beautiful bedside table with storage (Raguke)

A simple table with a drawer works well when you have limited space and want a place to store personal items that you need bedside.

A simple but elegant bedside table (Pinterest)
A bedside table with a drawer for personal items (Pinterest)

A tiered bedside table works well if you want to store books and magazines within easy reach.  A multi-tiered table can be accented with baskets or decorative boxes to hold items such as remotes and glasses.

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A tiered bedside table makes everything accessible (Pinterest)
A bedside table perfect for the reader (Pbteen)

The style of bedside table will depend greatly on the space you have available and the style of your room.  You can choose to have matching tables or select different ones for each side and match the lamps on each to unify the tables.

Matching bedside tables (Lovelyhomedesigns)
Keep mismatched bedside tables cohesive with a matching pair of lamps (Pinterest)

There are numerous styles of bedside tables to choose from, some of which aren’t even tables.  A wall shelf mounted at bed height is a creative and stylish way to save space.  Stools make great alternatives to the bedside table.

Sometimes a bedside table doesn’t have to be a table (Dormitories.BlogSpot)
Wall-mounted bedside shelves are a great space-saver (BHG)
A stool in lieu of a bedside table works for tight spaces (Onekingslane)
Nature-inspired stools as bedside tables (Pinterest)

When styling a bedside table, keep in mind those items you will need bedside.  A lamp, clock and a coaster or dish for drinks are the general necessities.  You may also want to include room for books and magazines, phone chargers, remotes and reading glasses.

A well-outfitted bedside table (Starfindings)
All the necessities for a bedside table (Pinterest)
Patricia Fisher Design
A skirted circular style is a classic bedside table (Patricia Fisher Design)

To further enhance your bedside table, you can create a vignette with photographs, prints and other decorative items.  Hang art on the wall just above the table to set the scene and work from there.

Style a bedside table with art (Pinterest)
A charming bedside table accented with photos (Decorpad)

Bedside tables are functional and stylish additions to the bedroom.   Whether you like to use your bed to read and relax or simply fall in and go to sleep, there are no doubt items that you will want at bedside.  Choosing and styling a bedside table depends on the space you have available and the style of room you have or wish to achieve.  In the end, though, it is about convenience and functionality.

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