Turn up the Heat with Modern Fireplace Updates

Fireplaces have come a long way from the days of wood-burning brick surround caverns in the center of the living room.  Today’s fireplaces are design elements in and of themselves and are finding their way into every room in the house.  They are works of art that easily take center stage in a room.  Modern fireplace updates will elevate your space and give your room a standout focal point.



Modern fireplaces run the gamut from free-standing to glass-enclosed structures that serve as room dividers.  There are wood-burning, gas, bio ethanol, gel or electric.  For most homes, a fireplace is a standard feature and their enclosures can be sleek and modern or more traditional in style.

Freestanding-fireplaces-in-the-living-room-part-1latest-furniture          beautiful homes and designs2

Right photo courtesy of Beautiful Homes and Designs

If you are considering updating your current fireplace, consider the options available.  If you have an open space, a free-standing fireplace is an ideal choice for a modern or contemporary home and can be enclosed with glass to form a stunning room divider.  Free-standing fireplaces can be placed anywhere in a room as long as venting is installed for wood-burning or gas.

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Left photo, room design by Candice Olsen

When designing around a fireplace, consider shelving.  This is a more traditional aesthetic and can be styled with books and collectibles to form an impressive focal point for the room.

Stone-fireplace-ideas          quakerrose

Right photo courtesy of Quakrrose.com

Stone enclosures can blend into any interior, be it traditional, contemporary or rustic, depending on how you style it.  A limestone or painted wood mantel gives a nice finishing touch to rugged stone.  For a more contemporary look, leave the enclosure bare and hang a large painting or wall sculpture above the fireplace.  For a rustic appeal, a beautiful wood mantel stained to bring out the features of the wood, adds a wonderful natural flair.

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Right photo courtesy of Beautiful Homes and Designs

Warm and inviting, a fireplace is a natural focal point and the highlight of any room.  By updating to a more modern enclosure, you can transform any fireplace into a showpiece and benefit from energy-efficient design.  So, turn up the heat in your home by incorporating modern fireplace updates.


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