Modern Handrail Designs That Make The Staircase Stand Out

A contemporary staircase in a home with modern handrail designs.

Everyone wants a feature in their home or office that makes it stand out from the crowd. Of course, such features can be expensive. That is unless you consider using this supplier of balustrades, Sydney and have a modern handrail design that will really make your staircase stand out.

It may seem like such a simple thing, but the balustrade and handrail are much more than a safety feature or something to lean on as you go up and down the stairs. The right handrail can actually transform the look and feel of your building!

The handrail is what will catch your eye first, the stairs will then simply complement it.

Go Metal

Metal handrails may seem cold to the touch and a little industrial. This can be a benefit if that’s the look you’re going for. However, they can be so much more than this.

Metal is a fantastic material for bending into any shape or design you fancy. You can opt for straightforward bars that provide clean lines and safety. Or, you can create a curved and ornate handrail just by molding and bending the metal.

Metal can even be used in conjunction with wood to create a contrasting, yet stunning, look.

A house staircase with wrought iron handrail designs.


It’s easy to forget about glass as a handrail because it doesn’t seem like a practical choice.

However, the rolled top of a smooth glass panel can create a fantastic handrail that is easy on the hand and the eye. It will also transform the rest of your home, making the staircase and all the other spaces seem lighter, brighter, and more desirable.

Modern Mountain Homes to Take You Away

Glass balustrades appear almost invisible, effectively bringing more attention to the handrail, even if it a simple wood balustrade. This can create an elegant, yet classic look that will fit well into any home.

A glass staircase with modern handrail designs in a home.


Wood is the traditional approach to a handrail. The balustrades are often made of wood slats with a wooden rail along the top. It’s simple, surprisingly elegant, and strong.

But, wood can also be used to make a stunning handrail. You don’t need to stick to a flat top, if you prefer the handrail can be ornate, light wood, or dark wood, you can even have carvings in the wood.

Alternatively, the wooden handrail can be created in segments, each part fastened to the wall, giving you something to hold onto while looking minimalistic.

As with most balustrades and handrails, the limit really is your imagination.

A wooden staircase with a white handrail.


Never underestimate the power of the classic look. Whether wooden, metal or some other material, you can opt to copy the ornate styles of famous buildings, especially those used many years ago.

This can create a classic and stylish handrail which draws the eye and illuminates the staircase. Don’t forget that small curves or other simple features can make a huge difference when creating your handrail.

A staircase with elegant wrought iron handrail designs.


Finally, it is worth spending a few moments considering the color of your handrail. The brighter it is the more it will catch the eye, potentially highlighting the design of the handrail and the staircase. Just remember to keep the color balanced with the rest of the property.

A staircase with a pink handrail design and a bench.

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