Different Ways to Style your Coffee Table

You can use different decorating techniques to decorate your coffee table by arranging a collection to using a tray which will make your coffee table look stylish and chic.



You can always display your favourite collection on the coffee table. You can use the antiques as well as other souvenirs that you have collected from your trips abroad and use them to decorate your coffee table. Sometimes minimalism can work such as by using a vase of flowers and complementing it with some kind of accessory. Displaying copies of People and Cosmopolitan can make your decoration look neglectful.hbx-indian-throw-kasler-1012-lgn

By putting a throw on your coffee table which is surrounded by armchairs in vintage floral designs can give a space a cultural context. Designers like Suzanna Kasler say that they have been inspired by weaving of African and British traditions and aesthetics. This then create a place which is luxurious and comfortable.coffee-table-tray

When you come across large coffee tables you can always layer them with a tray. These coffee tables then don’t feel massive as the tray breaks up the surface. Natural elements like antique wooden bowls and horn magnifying glasses add a history to a room and these rooms because of such elements become functional. The décor adds a different dimension of the furniture and creates soothing neutrals in the space. The art and the objects change the whole structure of the room and one can always remix the objects from one room to another.livingroom15

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Compositions of varying heights create an aesthetic appeal in the room. Objects can be arranged in an artful manner. This decoration is best when a wooden table has a glass top.

Above are a few ideas on how to decorate your coffee table. Just the decoration of the coffee table can change the whole demeanor of your room.


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