Indigo Blue and Denim for Your Home

A living room with a blue rug.

Blue is a favorite color for many.  It is considered a neutral and can mix with many other colors.  Indigo blue is showing a major surge in interior design this year.  And just in time to trend alongside indigo blue is denim.  Denim is casual, relaxed and comfortable.  Let’s slip on our favorite pair of jeans and explore some interiors that make this color and fabric work.

A blue wall is adorned with a variety of bandanas, showcasing indigo blue and denim for your home.
Indigo walls with framed accents (Pinterest)
A dining room with indigo blue walls and chairs.
Denim covered dining chairs (interiordesignwiki)
A living room with indigo blue couches and a coffee table.
Denim slipcovers (Pinterest)
A living room filled with indigo blue and denim furniture.
Indigo blue appeals to worldly décor (babygreendesign.blogspot)
Indigo Blue flowers and vases on a Denim table
Indigo walls highlight bright accents (thatbohemiangirl.tumblr)

Indigo blue is a deeply saturated combination of blue and violet.  It pairs well with white or gray.  For a bold contrast, pair it with red, orange or pink.  Greens and purples combine well with indigo also.

A living room with indigo blue accents and white furniture.
Indigo blue and white (pandashouse)
A blue chevron rug elevating the ambiance of a living room.
Blue and orange are a sharp combination (Pinterest)
A living room with indigo blue and denim accents, featuring a sofa, chairs, and a staircase.
Fuchsia pairs well with indigo blue (
A room with an indigo blue rug and denim pillows.
Red is a classic pairing with blue (Pinterest)
A blue and green living room with a patterned Indigo Blue wallpaper.
Shades of green pair well with indigo blue (ciprema)
Indigo blue and denim room with a chandelier.
Purple pairs well with indigo blue (Pinterest)

A monochromatic indigo blue room can be quite moody if not handled properly.  Mix in high sheen by using gloss paint, metals and glass.  Add gray, white or patterned fabrics or paints.  This will lift the blue, giving it depth and dimension in what could be an otherwise flat room.

A bedroom with indigo blue walls and black furniture.
Add sheen to monochromatic blue with gloss paint (
A living room with indigo blue walls and denim furniture.
Add depth to monochromatic indigo blue room with gloss paint and metal accents (excitingcolors)
A bedroom with indigo blue walls and a bed.
Pattern creates interest in a monochromatic blue room (Pinterest)

Of course there is the classic blue and white.  You can never go wrong with this color combination.  It is sharp and crisp.  It can be refined and sophisticated or casual and carefree.

A living room with indigo blue and white furniture.
Classic blue and white (Clarke and Clarke Sonoma Collection fabrics)
A living room with indigo blue walls and a denim blue chair.
Classic blue and white interior (
A blue and white living room with wicker furniture featuring indigo blue accents.
Classic blue and white in a cozy cottage (trulia)

Gray adds a cool sophistication to indigo blue.  A gray wool-covered sofa against an indigo blue wall is striking.  Gray throw pillows play well against an indigo blue sofa.

A living room with an indigo blue couch and a wooden floor.
Gray and blue for a cool, classic combination (interior2013)
A living room with indigo blue walls and bookshelves.
A gray sofa blends well here (

Furniture covered in blue denim mixes well with more casual interiors.  But if you’re the type of person that likes wearing pearls and heels with your blue jeans, try denim fabric on a classic sofa or chair.  The Chesterfield sofa pictured below stands out with denim fabric.

How to use fabrics to decorate your home
Indigo blue chesterfield sofa and ottoman.
Classic Chesterfield sofa covered in denim (interiordesign2016)
A living room with a blue couch and yellow pillows, perfect for Indigo Blue and Denim lovers.
Denim sofa (roomstogo)
A denim couch adorned with indigo blue ottoman in a cozy living room.
Classic denim sofa (mywebroom)
A living room with indigo blue walls and a fireplace.
Denim chair (
A pair of indigo blue chairs and a denim bag on a patio.
Casual denim furniture (Pinterest)
A living room featuring indigo blue couches and a cowboy painting.
Indigo denim sofa (Pitnerest)

Denim wallcoverings make a great statement in a room, providing depth of color and texture.  Try it on one wall or cover the entire room.

Two chairs in front of an indigo blue wall.
Denim covered walls (whistlerdesign.blogspot)

Indigo blue and denim go hand in hand and are making the trend this season on the runway and in the home.  Discover the saturated depth of indigo and the cool casualness of denim for your home.


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  1. I am wondering where I can buy the chesterfield denim sofa with chaise featured in this article?

    I would really appreciate your help

    1. Devon,
      The sofa was available through the website at the time of the article, but it has since sold out. I did find a custom furniture source that has a Chesterfield sectional sofa very much like the one pictured in my article. The store is online at They have a variety of fabrics, with stores in NC, GA and NY. I hope this helps!

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