What’s In: Upcycling Items Around the Home


With the dawn of a new era where numerous homeowners are testing their creativity and saving money, DIY projects and upcycling used items has become very popular. These are easy ways to make furniture or other household items out of materials that are already around your house or that you can find for cheap. Upcycling is more so just taking old items and refurbishing and reutilizing them in new ways, but depending on what you’re making you may need additional items not already found around your house. Either way you are sure to have a one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud of just from up cycling items from around your home.

Have you realized that you use many beer bottles or glass soda bottles that are thrown into the recycling bin each week? Try reusing them to create a neat wall piece for your backyard, or as a median between your kitchen and living room. Depending on how big of a space you want to cover, you may need many bottles, but luckily that just requires drinking more soda. You can also see if local bars want to get rid of some of their bottles as well. Just make sure that all bottles you use are cleaned before creating your new items! Wood and other such building material are also great for up cycling and creating things. You can make signs, shelves, baskets, pretty much you name it and you can probably make it. Then you can add your own flair with paint, cut outs, stencils, wire, etc.


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