Barn Doors for Interior Spaces

A kitchen with a sliding barn door for interior spaces.

Barn doors have transitioned into interior elements within a home’s design.  They are rich in character and when mounted on sliders, their ease of movement makes them welcome features to the home.  Barn doors are equally at home in the entryway, as room dividers, or on closets and pantries.  Barn doors are even seen displayed on the wall as decorative elements.

A wooden door in a barn.
A living room with barn doors and a pool table.
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In the entryway, barn doors allow for a dramatic entrance into the main rooms of the home.  Fitting well within traditionally styled rooms, barn doors offer up plenty of charm and character with a rustic appeal.  When installed on runners, they open easily and slide out of the way.

A living room with barn doors.

Barn doors are an excellent addition to the kitchen.  Installed for the pantry, they blend functionality with natural style.  Whether finished with a warm stain, naturally weathered or painted to highlight the kitchen, barn doors bring home a classic touch.

A sliding barn door in an interior pantry.

Barn doors even blend well with a more contemporary or industrial styled home and offer a contrast in texture.  The wood brings warmth to a contemporary space and can make a bold statement.

A living room with sliding glass doors.
A living room with striped rugs and a fireplace featuring barn doors for interior spaces.

Barn doors serve as great room dividers, sliding easily out of the way when not in use.  They make a statement open or closed.

A living room with a brown leather couch and barn doors.
An open floor plan with a kitchen and Barn Doors for Interior Spaces.
A living room with barn doors.

Barn doors are often hung on the wall for decoration in rustic or country interiors.  Alone or with other embellishments, barn door wall hangings make a statement behind the sofa, on an accent wall or as a headboard in the bedroom.

A living room with a brown couch and a brown rug, featuring barn doors for interior spaces.

In the bedroom, barn doors can be used on closets or to enclose the master bath from the bedroom.  They are convenient when you don’t have room for out-swinging doors and enhance the style of the bedroom.

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A bedroom with a sliding door, suitable for Barn Doors for Interior Spaces.
A walk in closet with blue walls and barn doors for interior spaces.

Their ease of use and rustic natural beauty make barn doors a stylish choice and a great alternative to traditional interior doors.  Stained, natural or painted, barn doors offer a wide range of looks for a variety of design styles.

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