Beachy Chic: Effortless Beach Cottage Style

A collage of pictures featuring a beach cottage with a view of the ocean.

Effortless beach cottage style is also known as beachy chic. People visit beach cottages for shorter stays. Yet, cottage owners decorate with a style that’s unmistakable “beachy.”

Beachy chic is an off-shoot of shabby chic. Think shabby chic but add in a lot of aqua, turquoise, and sea-inspired pieces. You find a cozy, charming mix of upcycled furniture, distressed woods, and white paint colors. The result is effortless and easy!

Beach Cottage Style: The Views

Cottage-goers love, above all else, connecting with the water and waves. This means that they love to decorate their outdoor spaces to enjoy that fresh salty air. You’re very lucky if you have a cottage with a view like these!

A cozy beach cottage on the water with a table and chairs.
Cottage owners build porches to accommodate views like this one! (vrbo)
A cozy beach cottage.
Keep the front of the cottage simple to focus on the sea view behind. (Coastal Living)
A beach cottage-style deck overlooking the ocean with a green canopy.
Cottage owners choose wood decking and simple furniture that can be put away in high winds. (vacation Quest)

Even if you have a cottage that doesn’t have this view, outdoor space is important! Cottages are typically small in size. This means you’ll gather the family outdoors.

The front porch of a beach cottage-style home is decorated in a light green color.
Add an arbor to shade you from the noon-day sun. (Pinterest)

Open the Windows and Doors

Cottages often offer windows and doors that open up to let in all the fresh sea air. In fact, in northern climates, you may not even need air conditioning…even in the summer heat.

A beach cottage style bedroom with a view of the ocean.
In fact, French doors add to the charm while allowing in the refreshing air. (Castle Hill Inn)
A beach cottage style living room with large windows overlooking the ocean.
In addition, all these showcase the views. (Pinterest)

Beach Cottage Living Rooms

Beach cottage living rooms are comfy. Most owners put in plenty of seating. This is because so many visitors come to stay with them throughout the summer months.

A beach cottage-style living room with a couch and chairs.
Indeed, cozy furniture is a must! (Coastal Living)
A screened in porch with wicker furniture in beach cottage style.
In fact, an enclosed porch often doubles as a living room. (InternetUnblock)
A beach cottage style living room with wooden beams and couches.
Built-in storage is also important. Hence, the drawers under the bench (HGTV)
A living room with a beach cottage style couch and coffee table.
Aqua pops? Yes, please! (Decorpad)

Get your beach cottage style today. It’s a fun summer look even if you are a landlubber!

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