How to Add Charm with Windows (Inside and Out)

A charming collage showcasing windows in a bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

You can add charm with windows, both inside and out of your home. Your windows allow you to connect with the world outside your walls. Perhaps you have views of sweeping mountains or the city. Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have sea views. Whatever lies outside, windows connect you with the outdoors.

From the exterior of your home, windows add curb appeal. Because they are a prominent feature, choose windows that complement your home’s style. If you have a Colonial home, select multi-paned, traditional window. However, a modern home calls for the clean lines of picture windows.

How to Add Charm With Windows

Have a Seat

Create a cozy window seat. Of course, you will enjoy this nook for sipping tea, reading, and working on your laptop.

A woman charmingly sitting on a window sill.
Because it connects you with nature, you’ll be inspired while you work.

Enjoy the Views

Choose windows that will take advantage of your views.

A charming bed with windows offering views of mountains.
Because the view is a showstopper, minimal furniture and accessories are perfect here!
A charming living room with windows showcasing an ocean view.
Sea view, please!
A woman charmingly gazes out of a window at a cityscape.
Imagine awakening to this spectacular city view!

Let There Be Light

Take full advantage of sunny days by keeping window coverings to a minimum. The look is simple and contemporary.

A charming living room with wooden floors and windows.
This living room basks in the sunshine.
A charming living room with large windows.
Indeed, traditional windows are the perfect look for this home. The park view outside’s not too shabby, either!

The View Out Here

A modern house with charming windows.
Because of the bold, modern lines, these picture windows are a perfect style choice.
A charming house with windows.
If your home’s more traditional, opt for double-hung styles.
A charming home with a large front porch and windows.
Indeed, traditional homes benefit from multi-paned windows.

Sleight of Hand

What’s the best way to make a small home or cottage feel huge? Open it up with windows!

A charming white house with windows.
Because of its tiny size, this cottage has tall windows to make it look larger.


I recently asked for window advice from my friend Dan, the owner of Zen Windows. He told me that, “Windows are almost the only feature of your home that add both strength and beauty.” The bottom line? When you make this important investment, be sure to add charm with windows.

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